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At night, Kitty is on the phone with Jonathan, telling him about the Santa Ana winds. She says that when she was a kid, the winds scared her so much that she'd go sleep with her mom and dad. Jonathan: "I wish you could jump into my bed." Thanks to that line, I'll be able to work on this recap through lunch. Jonathan, who's mysteriously kind of creepily backlit, tells her to pretend that she's sleeping with him, and that the warm wind is his breath. Kitty closes some windows and heads into the kitchen as Jonathan takes it to more of a phone-sex kind of place, with Kitty not-very-convincingly pretending to play along. Of course, she doesn't really sell sexy at the best of times (read: those times involving Rob Lowe), so maybe Jonathan has reason to be fooled here. As she heads into the pantry, she lies to Jonathan that she's naked, but he tells her that he knows that's not true -- because he's hiding in the pantry, causing Kitty to absolutely freak out, knocking over a shelf in the process. Well, it may not have been an orgasm, but at least she showed some energy there. Jonathan, not having expected this level of spazziness even from Kitty, apologizes, saying he just wanted to surprise her. This is the third time in five episodes that he's showed up unannounced, so I'm thinking this is in character. And that is going to keep me looking over my shoulder for the rest of the run of this series. Kitty tells Jonathan he's lucky that she's the only Republican in the country who doesn't own a gun. Heh. Nora comes running in with an umbrella, which is a TV quirk I've never understood. I mean, even the jumpiest thief doesn't seem likely to be scared off by a Mary Poppins imitation. Nora disgustedly recognizes Jonathan, and then hilariously tells him to close his eyes when she realizes that her nightshirt is cut for maximum enjoyment of the Santa Anas. Kitty has gotten over her shock and is now giggling furiously at this fiasco, and Nora snits that she's getting a Rottweiler. She leaves, and Kitty and Jonathan crack up and kiss. That's by far the most enjoyable Jonathan scene we've had, in my opinion. And no one even got hurt!

Oh my God, it's Treat! It's been so long since the halcyon days of Everwood, Treat! I'm so happy to see you, I won't even express disappointment at your lack of facial hair! Anyway, Treat's character's name is David, and that is the first and last time you'll hear that from me. Also, as we'll soon be made to understand, he's the family contractor, and has just finished fixing the shelf Kitty victimized as Nora remarks that Kitty can't help it if she's still scared of the wind; Kitty of course reflexively denies this, giving Nora the opportunity to make "Woooo! Woooo!" wind sounds that are far more amusing than they have any right to be. Jonathan then says that he should head over to the Ritz, because he took a suite there; Nora gets an I'm Going To Regret This look on her face, but asks Jonathan if he'd like to stay at the house instead. Jonathan easily declines, citing the fact that he may be there indefinitely, and Kitty co-signs that, saying that they're going to be figuring out their relationship. Once Jonathan's left the room, Kitty adds that, as Nora has referred to him on multiple occasions as a "rabid free-market capitalist sociopath," Kitty feels that separate roofs might be the better part of valor here. Nora, however, will not be put off...

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Brothers and Sisters




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