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In classic Hitchcockian style, Rebecca's shadow dances across the shower curtain. The water beats down, she shaves her legs. The shower curtain opens. She steps out, shuts the medicine cabinet to reveal -- Justin staring at her! She starts and shrieks and tells Justin he is totally freakin' creepy. He claims he was "just listening to her hum," which really doesn't make it any less creepy. Rebecca is rightfully creeped out and tells him to maybe knock or wear a bell or do anything to announce his presence other than just standing silently in the bathroom while she showers. Justin can't believe she is so wigged out. Who knew Justin was a sociopath? It would explain the beard, though. He doesn't apologize or anything while she stands there in a towel, dripping wet, breathing heavily, and looking freaked. Instead he decides it is a great time to tell her he loves her. She replies, "Thank you." She looks uncomfortable and walks out of the room. Justin is not thrilled with that response. Obvi.

The Senator is in his (California) office talking about bills and tracking numbers and renewable energy. Kevin, as the new communications director, sits in on the meeting. He has prepared a memo against Proposition 8, but The Senator already released a statement on the matter and feels no reason to revisit it. He wouldn't want anyone to think he was gay or anything! The Chief of Staff (I think) adds that he knows it is Kevin's issue and all and then curtly repeats exactly what The Senator just said to Kevin. Kevin rolls his eyes and reminds them that The Senator made his statement four months ago, but people are paying attention to the issue now. And since the California Supreme Court ruled that marriage discrimination was illegal under the California Constitution that The Senator should be all up on it, what with being a states' rights Republican and all. The Senator smirks and gives the round to Kevin. Sort of. As he gets pulled away to a meeting he tells Kevin that he agrees with the Chief of Staff and they already released a statement on Prop 8 and don't need to do it again. When The Senator leaves, the Chief of Staff turns to Kevin, smart-mouthedly calling him "Kitty's Brother." Kevin calls him on his snark, but the Chief of Staff won't call him Kevin until he calls The Senator Senator, because he doesn't. Kevin nods, point made. Duly chastised, Kevin is instructed to call a reporter at the Sacramento Tribune who is threatening to publish some story about The Senator schtupping the Governor. Kevin spittakes, "Wha?" And the Chief helpfully fills him in on what schtupping means. Kevin looks irritated and then concerned. The Senator wouldn't... would he?

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Brothers and Sisters




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