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George Lafferty sits in Nora's kitchen apologizing to Nora for taking up her time with his neuroses. How far is Bakersfield from Pasadena again? This really couldn't be done on the phone? Nora reminds him that she was the one who opened up the can of worms, but she does want him to remember that ignorance is bliss. He should just ignore the whole mess, let the past be the past, and pretend none of this ever happened. He should protect Ryan from the cold hard facts of his possible DNA. George agrees that was his first instinct, but now he isn't so sure. He spoke to Ryan the other day and it all seemed like a lie to him. When Ryan was growing he was always a bit of a square peg in a round hole. He never fit in! Would knowing his true paternity help him make sense of things? Then when his mother died, Ryan took her death really hard -- would knowing that his true dad is dead help, too? Okay, that last bit was me, because why would that help? George's heartfelt soliloquy is interrupted by the insistent beeping of Nora's timer. Cupcake time!

Kevin is meeting with the reporter from the Sacramento Bee. Er... the Sacramento Tribune. The reporter starts the meeting with a bang remarking that he is glad to see that nepotism is alive and well and living in Kevin's office. Kevin tries to set the record straight, but the reporter cuts him off. He wants to talk about the Governor's affair. He has pictures. The Governor arrives through a hotel's secret back door. Twenty minutes later The Senator walks through those same doors. Affair! What else could cause two people to walk into a hotel at the same time? A meeting? An All You Can Eat Beef Buffet? Kevin tells the reporter that there will a lovely libel suite waiting for him at the hotel if he runs with the story. The reporter snorts, "Is it irrelevant or is it libel? Or is it just true?" He gives Kevin 24 hours to tell him what happened in that meeting or he is running with the story. He leaves Kevin sighing loudly in his office. Wouldn't Kevin have learned his lesson about throwing libel suits around after threatening that blogger who was outing Jason Lewis went so smashingly? And, seriously, why would Kevin even consider that The Senator was having an affair as opposed to just a top secret meeting with a lady Governor in a private hotel room under an assumed name? Oh.

Kitty is stalking Dr. Birth Mother. She waits for her in the hallway until Kima walks by on her way from the ER. She looks surprised and irritated to see Kitty. Kima asks her what is going on and Kitty hems and haws ('cause what else would you do if Kima was staring at you and was slightly annoyed with her hand on her hip?) Kitty explains that she always thought their birth mother would be some messed up kid. Kima is clearly not that and Kitty simply can't believe that Kima's not going to have second thoughts about giving up the baby for adoption. Kitty used to be career-minded, too, but now all she thinks about is babies babies babies babies babies babies. Kima rolls her eyes and then Kitty starts in on "egg quality" and the heartbeat and the little toes. Kima reminds her that she is the doctor and really doesn't need the lecture on reproductive health. She turns to walk away, but annoyingly Kitty doesn't catch the hint and follows after her gesticulating and ranting about Kima's friends and their babies and strollers and Kima has had enough. She turns to Kitty and with the stare that would shut down even the drunkest B-more policeman, she tells Kitty that the adoption is off. She deals with enough neuroses with her patients, she doesn't need Kitty's. Kitty tries to stop her, but Kima has made her mind up. She tells Kitty that there is a reason that the agency makes them sit down together. Now she knows what it is. Kitty isn't computing. She asks about dinner. Kima has been on call for 36-hours and she isn't going to waste her time with dinner. Did someone actually call a Walker out on being completely nutso? Whoa. I didn't think anyone in Pasadena was immune to Kitty's charms.

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Brothers and Sisters




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