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Julia and Tommy's anniversary celebration is in full swing when Rebecca and Justin arrive. Rebecca makes a beeline for the bar while Justin says hi to Tommy. Nora shows up with her new "friend" "Elton." Tommy looks taken aback and asks, "Elton?" Nora and Elton explain that there are tons of people named Elton! Tommy nods, "Er... okay." You know he wasn't interested in the name, but rather the strange man on his mother's arm. Nora introduces him as her son who runs the family business and brought in the winery and has a beautiful daughter. She then says, "Oh and this is my other son Justin." She doesn't add any modifiers and Justin smiles and says, "Yeah that about sums it up." It was funny because it is just what parents do without even realizing that they are doing it. Holly is at the party. I know she is Tommy's partner, but you would think he would be slightly concerned about having her at the same party as his entire family. And I know it's his party, but still. It makes sense that she is hanging out with Julia though as that is undoubtedly the only person who will tolerate her. Oh, except sometimes Rebecca. Sarah's parlor magician is wowing Holly and Julia with his tricks when Sarah comes up to supervise and to make sure Glasses Guy doesn't say anything to Holly about the start up. Sarah doesn't need to worry about him, though, because it is Blondie who breaks up the uncomfortable conversational d├ętente by announcing to the group that Sarah is one of the founders of their new Internet company. Holly raises an eyebrow in interest and Sarah shakes her head. Serves her right for bringing Thing 1 and Thing 2 to a party without any prep. Holly jumps all over the fact that Sarah is in business with a magician, but Sarah has no interest in bantering with Holly and excuses herself to meet Nora's "new guy." Tommy, Justin, and Sarah gather around Nora and Elton to hear their how-we-met story. Their not-at-all well-rehearsed back story is that they met at a restaurant where someone was choking on a fishbone (or was it ham gristle?) and Elton gave the Heimlich (tm Dr. Heimlich) and Nora called 911. The Walker kids stare at them blankly as they giggle over some poor man's near demise. Nora and Elton excuse themselves to go watch magic, leaving the Walker kids shaking their heads at their new daddy.

The fortuneteller reads Rebecca's tea leaves. She sees a heart, which can only mean a great love is waiting for her. Rebecca agrees that a great love is waiting for her, right outside, in fact. And he is just waiting for her to tell him he loves her and she would if everyone would stop pressuring her already! The fortuneteller disagrees; she thinks Rebecca's great love is in the future, not now. Rebecca won't believe her. Justin is too her great love! The fortuneteller played Gypsy on The Gilmore Girls so I am expecting a lot more attitude than she is actually giving. Rebecca gets all squirrelly, but the fortuneteller insists that in another few years Rebecca will find a great love and won't even remember Justin's name. As if you can forget your brother's name!

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Brothers and Sisters




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