Brothers and Sisters

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Kevin seeks Saul's advice on the whole brother-in-law cheating situation. Saul does have experience after all. Saul didn't tell Nora about Holly because he thought he was protecting Nora. While Kevin admits that The Senator is no William Walker, he may be up to something and Kevin needs to figure out whether or not to tell Kitty. Saul reminds Kevin that he is the family cynic and doesn't believe in magic (but he does believe in fairies, I gather). Kevin has to decide for himself what he wants to do, but if he doesn't trust The Senator, he shouldn't work for him.

Rebecca finds Justin at the party. She pulls him to the side, kisses him, and tells him she loves him. He smiles and they go to sit down together. Rebecca is much relieved to get that over with. She totally knew Justin was her great love and that fortuneteller was crazy! Unfortunately she did not say all that in her head, but said it out loud so Justin could hear it and realize that Rebecca only said she loved him to disprove some soggy tea leaves. He is unimpressed. Rebecca can't believe he is making such a big deal about it! She loves him! Who cares that she said it to spite the fortuneteller. But Justin insists on making it a big deal. He is a Walker after all. He gives her the apartment keys back because where he comes from (Pasadena) saying "I love you" means something. They both cross their arms and stare in opposite directions.

Sarah grills Nora on the mysterious Elton. Sarah goofily and grossly asks if they have done the "dance with no pants." Who asks their mom that? Nora looks shocked but then points out that Sarah brought two men to the party and yet she has managed to restrain herself from asking whether she's had a ménage a trois. Sarah gags at the thought. She is sorry she brought the two geeks with her to the party since Holly was practically drooling over them in glee. Sarah can't believe she is launching a start up in this economy with a magician who likes to draw robots and rocket ships. She is bemoaning her stupidity when Nora spies Kitty. If Kitty sees George, the jig is up! As Kitty explains about ruining her own adoption, Nora rudely pushes past her and tells her to talk to Sarah about it and runs off in hot pursuit of George. Nora finds him surrounded by Walkers. Justin is ribbing Kevin about carrying his briefcase everywhere. Saul tells them to play nice in front of Nora's date and as George tries to explain it's not a date, Nora interrupts. She ignores everyone and tries to haul George off for a nice long walk. Unfortunately, she walks him right into Kitty and Sarah. Kitty instantly recognizes him and tells the others who he is. Under duress Nora confesses and everyone starts yelling. Drinking-fueled Walker chaos ensues!

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Brothers and Sisters




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