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Kitty and her drink sulk to Kevin about the birth mother debacle. When she first tells him that she spoke to the birth mother, he is relieved that he didn't mess it up. She quickly corrects his misunderstanding. It is bad! Bad bad bad! The birth mother withdrew the option because Kitty got her crazy all over her. Kevin asks a few more times to make sure it had nothing to do with The Senator and then he thoughtfully listens to his sister moan about the mess she made. He then makes the wild suggestion that she should try to fix it. Really Kevin? Really send Kitty to fix the situation? The one she created by the fact that she is a complete neurotic? Maybe as The Senator's communications director you should communicate to the birth mother on their behalf. Hmm?

Nora is in with the fortuneteller now. The fortuneteller reads her tarot cards and sees a person who is a threat and will bring great upheaval. Nora doesn't accept it. George is a perfectly nice man. Gypsy argues that the cards are clear, but Nora argues right back that she is wrong. She's not scared anymore about meeting Ryan. He should meet his siblings! She's resolved. Gypsy throws the cards at her and walks off the job.

As Glasses Guy turned magician rambles on about misdirection and magic, Kevin comes to some secret realization and bolts off. Elsewhere in the Magic Manor, George is playing with his sword (get your mind out of the gutter). As he fiddles (gutter!), Holly walks in looking for Rebecca. When George makes the connection that she is Holly, he introduces himself. If it weren't for the Botox, Holly's face would have fallen off in shock. George explains that Nora told him what happened to her daughter. Holly arches an eyebrow and then realizes that this is her chance to continue the long-drawn out feud with Nora. She tells George that Nora is an untrustworthy narrator for the tale, but if he ever wants to talk, she's been there. As she turns to go, George stops her. He does have a few questions. I keep trying to figure out what Holly could tell George that would undermine Nora, but all I can figure is that she'll tell him Nora kills puppies and has the clap.

Kevin has called the reporter who is blackmailing The Senator. He brings him to the secret back room of the Magic Manor and hands him a secret file. They must be having an affair! Why else would they have a secret meeting in a secret back room? Meanwhile, the magician is knocking Julia out and making her act like a chicken. Everyone is entertained, but Nora is completely entranced. She doesn't hear George until he is right next to her. He tells her he is leaving. He should have trusted his instincts. Her family is so nice and seductive. Nora laughingly asks which one hit on him, but George isn't feeling like laughing. He needs to go and he needs to keep their families apart. He wants to let well enough alone and sleeping dogs lie and everything else in between. Nora looks confused, but bids him farewell. Then she sees Holly and she gets it. Ooh Nora has the clap!

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Brothers and Sisters




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