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Sarah and Kevin are back in Kevin's office; she's freaked out and fuming, saying that this can't have been Joe's idea, and that he must be taking his cues from the lawyer. Kevin points out that Lindsay Naegle is only Joe's representative, and that this is Joe's idea. Sarah thinks that if she can talk to Joe one-on-one, they can figure this out, but Kevin is adamant that she have no contact with Joe whatsoever. He says that what she needs to do is tally up how many times she's called Joe for help with the kids, and Sarah quite rightly says that's going to be tough, since you figure having the children's father help out with the parenting would be a matter of course, rather than a condemnable offense. Kevin's like, "Yeah, but they'll still use it against you." Sarah reminds the viewers at home that she and Joe made the decision together that she'd work and he'd stay home, and now he's using that decision they made against her. "I thought he was so progressive," Sarah says bitterly. I find that wildly funny for some reason -- like the primary betrayal here is a betrayal against feminism. She begs Kevin to help her win this. Kevin says that Sarah's going to need a big, fancy shark of an attorney to do battle against the Lawyerzilla that is Lindsay Naegle. "You know me," Sarah pleads. "You know what kind of mother I am. I need you." You know, when I first saw this scene, I thought they were setting this up as a dual storyline, wherein Sarah would go through the guilt/struggle/tears of the custody storyline, while Kevin would have to deal with the pressure of wanting to come through for his sister and yet being overmatched professionally. I guess it could still go there, and I hope it does, but after this scene, Kevin gets dropped for the rest of episode. Anyway, Kevin agrees to stay on, for now, and strongly urges Sarah to seek out letters of recommendation from anyone who has seen her in "all [her] maternal glory." I'm assuming he doesn't mean that in the Demi Moore sense. (For that and other jokes about Dan Quayle, William Kennedy Smith, and the Gulf War, please see the year 1991.)

Walker Manse. Rebecca and Justin are snacking; Justin's in the middle of teasing the info he gleaned from Nora's phone conversation, but Rebecca kind of doesn't care. It's killing Justin not to be able to tell anyone, and Rebecca notices: "Oh my God, you are such a gossip." He tries to deny it, but she notes that his face looks like it's going to jump right off his face. He cops to it, and finally spills that he thinks Kitty's pregnant: Nora said "pregnant," and Kitty's the only one getting any these days. They both nervously confirm that they're not screwing anyone on the sly, which makes this our Justin And Rebecca Make Us Think Icky Things segment for the week. Anyway, Justin's rationale for reaching the pregnancy conclusion was that Nora went into the pantry to talk, which is where Nora always retreats when there's big family news. "Blam, smoking gun," Justin boo-yahs. He makes Rebecca promise not to tell anyone, but she says, "You're the gossip, not me." Justin: "Oh." Have I mentioned how great it is that Justin's finally being acknowledged as an insatiable gossip? Because it is. And he is.

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Brothers and Sisters




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