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Later, in the kitchen, Kitty finds Sarah drinking wine in the kitchen (so...the usual), and Sarah gives her heartfelt congratulations. She says that she'll get Kitty all her parenting books, even the ones that make you feel inadequate, and recommends ginger tea for the puking. Kitty thanks her, and then asks what she can do for Sarah. This relationship is written very consistently, I think. Of all the sibling pairs, Sarah and Kitty are the most selfless with each other and the most interested in each other's lives for reasons beyond gossip. Sarah tearfully asks Kitty, "Make me feel like every decision I've made in my life hasn't been wrong. And I'm gonna lose my kinds because of it." Kitty assures Sarah that she's raised two awesome kinds, and that's all to her credit. "I just hope that I can be half as good a mom as you," she concludes. Aw! (Shut up.)

The next day, Kitty's in bed feeling barfy, and of course Nora is right there with dry toast. Man, throw in some ginger ale with the carbonation stirred out (you want the ginger, not the bubbles) and you'd have my mom. She manages to assure Kitty that whatever doubts, fears, or reservations Robert might have about Kitty's getting pregnant -- she cites William's freakage when Nora got pregnant with Kitty -- will fade away once the idea of being a dad settles in. Kitty says that she's going to need a lot of help, which suits Nora just fine. She plans on spoiling the hell out of the kid, and then criticizing Kitty's parenting. Ah, God's plan in action.

At the Whedon custody hearing, the judge doesn't want to draw things out any more than necessary, so he dismisses the parties to make his decision. Sarah interrupts and asks if she can say something, which the judge says is fine. Sarah then makes a tinkly-piano-accompanied speech that boils down to this: she's a good mother, and while she's not home all day, she is there every day, as she has been for the kids' entire lives. She begs the judge not to punish her for trying to parent and work at the same time. The judge thanks her and says he'll take her words into account.

At the McCallister offices, Kitty enters with newspaper clippings, all of which that Robert won. Of course, nobody waits for the newspapers to say anything anymore, as the cable news networks have already assessed that night, but whatever. And as with every episode where Kitty and Robert fight (so...every episode), both say they were wrong and clasp hands and stare into each other's eyes and otherwise reconcile. Kitty admits that she knew what she was getting into when she got engaged to a guy running for President, "but it's really hard sometimes to be happy about it." But she is happy about the baby. "Really, really" happy. And so is he! Nobody hates babies! McCallister for President!

Back in the judge's chambers, Sarah worries to Kevin about the judge coming to a decision so quickly. Because he's my kind of judge who doesn't like to draw things out because he knows I'm up against a deadline? That's probably not his motivation, but it's nice just the same. The judge stresses that his ruling is not meant to punish one party or the other, but that he's ruling in the best interests of the children. And in this case, he decides that "consistency" is better for the kids, which means that they will remain in Joe's primary custody, at least on a temporary basis, until the full custody hearing has taken place. Sarah looks destroyed, and Joe manages to look somewhat guilty as he says he'll pick the kids up later. Kevin tries to assure Sarah things aren't over, but to Sarah, I'm sure it seems that way.

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Brothers and Sisters




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