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Previously Saul and Sarah quit Ojai, The Senator yelled at Nora, The Senator threatened to fire Kitty if she published, and The Senator still looks just like Rob Lowe so I don't care how much of a jerk he is, I still love him.

Nora is dragging Justin into the nerve center of her new nonprofit. Yes, Nora has up and decided to start a nonprofit. And, really, if all the docent spots at the Getty Center are full, what else is a wealthy fifty-something widow to do? While not getting into the specifics of what her nonprofit will benefit (that's not really the point anyway is it?) Nora has already spoken to someone at Downtown Arts about what she will need to get started. And what she needs is space, more space, three phone lines, a copier that prints, a printer that copies, 40 acres and a mule. Oh and a heap of money. She hasn't raised a dime yet! She starts to hyperventilate. Justin looks skeptical as he surveys the office, I mean, nerve center. Justin tells her to take a deep breath and tell him which stuff has to go. Nora points at every stick of William's furniture in the room causing Justin to raise an eyebrow. She reminds him that William is not using the furniture so why not shove it in the garage? Justin gets a quizzical look on his face and Nora looks at him, "What?" He forgot they had a garage. Nora and Justin go to investigate the Lost Garage and it is filled to the brim with Walker detritus. Justin suggests backing away slowly and they might be able to get away, but what is Justin's hoarding nightmare is Nora's one way ticket to yard sale heaven. What better way to kill three (free-range, organic) birds with one (sustainable) stone than to have a garage sale! Plus it gives Nora a great excuse to call all her kids and threaten them with auctioning off their cherished childhood memories if they don't get their behinds over to Walker Manor and help! By the way Nora, if starting your own nonprofit proves daunting, I think you may know someone who knows someone who can get you into a docent spot at the Getty.

When Justin tells Rebecca about the sale, she demands a private preview before the unwashed masses bargain hunt through the Walker's trash. She needs stuff for her apartment. Justin laughs that it is just fishing rods and fruit crates, but Rebecca has a subscription to "ReadyMade" and she is planning on turning those fishing rods into curtain rods and the fruit crates into an iPod charging station/side table. Her DIY plans are interrupted when her temp agency calls. They have a job for her. At Ojai! Rebecca barrels into Ojai HQ demanding to know why Holly ordered her up like a sushi platter. Holly claims she has legitimate filing needs and was totally going to hire a temp anyway. Rebecca snorts derisively. Holly can't seriously think that she can lie to her about who her father is and then expect their relationship to stay the same. Holly doesn't know why Rebecca is even bothering to temp. She has the two million dollars doesn't she? Doesn't she? Rebecca ignores the question. You would think a self-starter like Holly would want her daughter to work her way in the world. But I guess Holly wants Rebecca to be a trustafarian and go smoke weed on UCSB's campus or something. Holly just wanted to see her daughter, so she stole a page from Nora's book and did the pushy maternal thing. Rebecca tells her to stop comparing herself to Nora all the time. Holly agrees but she puts Rebecca on notice that she is not giving up on her so easily. Rebecca caves and asks where the files are. Holly giggles to herself. There is something slightly off in the chemistry between those two. I almost buy their relationship, but something keeps stopping me. I'll just drink more wine. It works for the Walkers, it'll work for me.

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Brothers and Sisters




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