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Back at Republican HQ, Kitty can't believe that The Senator isn't hiring any of the candidates. The Senator wants more people to interview, but Kitty is insistent that these are the guys. She had to call in favors to even get them to come in for interviews. The Senator isn't buying it. His office is filled with Yes Men. He needs someone who will wow him. He needs to be wowed. The Senator hired Kitty because she had "that thing" and she brought "that thing" to the office. Is that some sort of newfangled word for her private lady parts? Leave it in the bedroom guys. The Senator claims that the candidates so far don't have what he is looking for. Kitty thinks this is about something else. He needs to quantify what he is looking for because all the candidates are qualified and whip smart. The Senator snaps, "They aren't good enough." Kitty raises her eyebrows and The Senator looks down and adds, "They aren't you." Oh. That's sweet. Really it was a sweet scene.

Now that he is the resident expert on closets, Saul is helping clean out Nora's. He and Nora argue about whether the linens are littered with mouse droppings or cedar pellets. Nora tells him to stop worrying and put it out for sale, which completely explains why I don't shop at yard sales. Kevin teases Sarah about using knee pads as breasts throughout middle school and Sarah warns him to be careful because she just found his break dance pants. Which actually look like African dance pants, but whatever. Justin sneaks up to Sarah for a quiet conversation about how Nora is getting rid of all of dad's stuff. Does Justin have spontaneous Asperger's? Because he is really fixated on this subject. Sarah tells him to go ahead and take something, she did. Justin worries that Nora may want something later to remind her of William. Sarah points out that the five children she had with him may be reminder enough. Kevin found his record collection. It's "Shaun Cassidy." Ah, yes, The Hardy Boys turned many a young man gay. Nora orders more pricing, less talking. Just then Tommy shows up because of Nora's threats to sell off his football trophies. When Tommy walks in, Saul walks out claiming pizza emergency. Kevin follows on the pretense that he is blocking him into the driveway. Tommy sighs and then notices the time capsule that he and Sarah made and buried. Nora claims that the gardener dug it up. She laughs that Sarah and Tommy were so secretive about it and she has no idea what's in it. And she's selling it at a yard sale? That's cold. Sarah reminds Nora about the "six o'clock Craig's List deadline," which just makes me think that not one writer on this show has ever used Craig's List. A deadline? Because the internet closes at six? Good grief. Nora drags Justin away to help write a listing and very obviously to leave Tommy and Sarah alone. Tommy appears to really be trying, but Sarah is holding a grudge like a girl. When she gives him the almost silent treatment, Tommy snaps. He can't believe she quit and left him scrambling to save the company after she screwed it up in the first place and now she's mad. Sarah snorts that she didn't have a choice but to leave. She couldn't stand seeing what Tommy was doing to the place. Tommy throws back that he was just trying to save the company like their Dad wanted. Sarah cruelly tells him he never got over the fact that their Dad left the company to her. Tommy scoffs. Sarah then calls him on being Holly's bitch and he's had it. He marches out. Football trophies be damned!

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Brothers and Sisters




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