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Liar, Liar

At the restaurant, Sarah has ditched her family and headed to the bar. Luc is laughing at her and she is taking the ribbing good-naturedly. She explains that she never thought it would go on that long and never thought they would be spending a lot of birthdays together. Luc laughs again and confesses that he already knew about her age because he, in fact, has seen her driver's license. Sarah covers her face with her hands in shame. Luc teases her a little more and she orders a double shot of whiskey and downs it like a co-ed at homecoming. Then she takes her younger man home because it is past her bedtime. The whole scene was much more charming than I would have expected from this increasingly heavy-handed show.

Up in Ojai, Kitty is working on what must be her second bottle of wine considering she told Nora she had three glass hours ago when there is another knock on the door. Unlike most parents who would shriek, "Don't wake the baby!" She sighs while Jack the Plumber hollers for Leslie, corrects himself, and yells for Kitty. She begrudgingly opens the door to find Jack the Plumber standing on her porch holding a pizza. Because men love psycho crazy ladies who lie about their identity. Most men find psychosis simply charming. Jack was worried that Kitty would be unable to feed herself after her failure with the souffle, It's unclear whether he means because the failure would cause her to hide under her bed and eat her hair or because if she can't make a soufflé she also can't fix a bowl of cereal. Either way, he has pizza. She lets him in, hands him a glass of wine, never mentions her sleeping toddler, and takes him into the living room to better apologize for her crazies. He doesn't mind. She looks good in crazypants. She rambles intimately about trying to figure out who she is and life choices and things. Jack does not see this overly personal confession as anything but cute, so he suggests she cross chef off of her list of potential career paths and invites her to help build a pergola. They both laugh because Kitty is a girl and girls can't be carpenters. Haahahaahahaaa.

At the restaurant Saul and Nora are discussing Justin's divorce. Why didn't he tell them? Better yet, why did he make a huge stink just two weeks ago about the fact that Rebecca had moved out of their apartment? I mean, they were divorced already so why yell at your mom? (Well, it's probably a little fun and stress reducing.) Saul wisely explains that Justin probably thought he could win her back and no one would ever know. Saul then turns his sage elder statesman eyes on his sister and finally says what we have been waiting all episode for someone to say: Nora doesn't need plastic surgery. He whacks her upside the head with a copy of "The Beauty Myth" and tells her she has to find happiness and self-confidence some other way. Beauty comes from the inside, bitches.

It's a good thing that Justin has managed to paint his entire apartment gray and redecorate with appropriate accents pieces, because when Rebecca knocks on his door he is ready to show off his new digs. Only she doesn't want to talk decorating tips. She needs a hug and he is the only one who can give it to her. He fetches her a cup of tea and she finally admits that Holly didn't recognize her. She sighs that she already lost Justin and she can't lose her mom, too, which is an unfair thing to say to the guy you sent DIVORCE PAPERS TO IN AFGHANISTAN. Justin tells her that she hasn't lost him and they can get back together any old time she wants. She claims she can't trust him, but he swears he is a different person. She runs for the door because that is how the RebeccaBot X-247 was programmed. He stops her and tells her that he hasn't told anyone about the divorce because she hasn't either. He knows that they can work it out. They kiss. Hmm. How long until she realizes that he told everyone that she divorced him while he was defending the nation in Afghanistan and everyone hates her and she demands another separation?

Sarah is reading an actual paper book, not an iPad or Kindle or anything, so Luc starts teasing her about how old she is and gives her a glass of water for her dentures. Luc swears he doesn't care how old she is, he just loves her. She makes him pinkyswear that he will still need her, he will still feed her, when she's sixty-four. Then they make out.

Kitty has let Evan out of the attic and is cooking cinnamon rolls for him. She pulls the pan out of the oven, hands him a cinnamon roll, doesn't seem to worry that it is probably extremely hot and her three-year old son will probably burn himself, pours some frosting on it, and makes him promise never to tell anyone it came from a can or she will lock him in the attic again. Evan nods solemnly and still doesn't reach for the cinnamon roll, which seems really unlike a three-year old.

Uh oh, Nora is late to work. Her boss asked her to come in half an hour early and Nora completely forgot. Her boss suggests she write it down. Then she tells her to go out back and unload some flowers ...unless she can't handle it. Oh Nora can handle it. By quitting. She's had enough of the condescending bullshit and is going to go find a job where her experience and age is appreciated. Her boss is unimpressed with Nora's speech and doesn't think anyone will hire someone of her age to work at something as illustrious as a flower shop in this economy. Nora shrugs, grabs some flowers, and leaves. Not flowers and leaves, flowers and makes like a tree and leaves.

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