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Group therapy. The scene is difficult to do justice to, as it's another one of those exquisitely timed and acted full-cast scuffles that plays so well but isn't as fun to read. I'll do my best. We begin with a girl named Claire -- played by an actress some of you may remember as that girl from early in the second season of Felicity who tried to get her boyfriend back by dressing trampy and putting rouge on her nipples -- going off on her family. The Walkers stare at this train wreck, perplexed. Nora murmurs to Kevin that she'd shoot him if he talked to her like that. "What does that mean?" he asks, horrified. Before Nora can answer, the therapist invites Justin up to speak. The whole family files up to take seats at the front, and Nora is getting all anal about where everyone sits; Kitty tells her to knock it off. The therapist thanks them all for coming and asks how Justin's doing; he feels weird and cornered, but other than that, he's great. Heh. After the therapist talks about accountability as part of the process, Justin starts to apologize to various family members for various things, but Nora interrupts to say that they all love him very much. Justin's like, whatever, a reaction the therapist prompts him to elaborate on, and he says tersely that he's "done some things any human being would be ashamed of," and Nora might have a hard time with that, but he has to make amends "for this to work," so if she could please just...not. Nora eagerly says okay, but adds that "whatever you've done, I'm sure it's fine," and keeps rambling on in the letting-him-off-the-hook vein until Tommy tells her impatiently to let Justin talk.

First, Justin apologizes to Kevin for selling his mint-condition Princess Leia figurine to buy drugs. Kevin is apoplectic (and hilarious) while the rest of the family tries not to crack up, and wants to know why Justin didn't just ask him for the money. "What, to buy drugs?" Justin asks. Kitty orders Kevin to just accept the apology, and Kevin bitches at her that she can hurry through her own amends, but this is his, so she can shut up. Speaking of which, Justin apologizes to Kitty for having to find him when he overdosed, and Nora interrupts to remind everyone that she was there too, "we found him together," and Tommy "Mom"s her again, and she tells him to "stop 'Mom'-ing" her: "If you had your way I would never speak at all!" The rest of the family's like, true, and...seconded. Justin apologizes to Nora too, but then she gives him an out, saying he'd just gotten called up, and as Tommy rolls his eyes, Justin snaps that he's not asking for her forgiveness; he needs her to understand that he knows what he did. "Can I finish?" "Yes," she whispers obediently, and Justin moves on to Sarah and Joe, confessing that that time he was supposed to babysit and quote-unquote had car trouble, he was actually in Vegas -- and so high he could barely talk, so he's surprised the car excuse worked. "I'm not," Sarah grumbles, and it is officially on -- Joe's like, how is it about me now, and Nora leans over to smile passive-aggressively that everyone's going to blame her, so don't worry about it, Joe and Sarah argue about Gabe being his child versus ending up in rehab in five years, Nora asks what happened, Sarah tells her, Joe says it's not their business, Kitty rolls her eyes and says they all "did our share of experimentation" as kids, Nora gets defensive about that, Tommy's all "argh," Nora bitches at him for shushing her, Sarah snaps at both of them for arguing, Tommy whines that Sarah dumped Nora on him, Nora says she's sorry for being such a burden when "your father's mistress is suuuuuuch a big asset," Kitty's like, this is about Justin so let's focus, Kevin snarks that they should get on with it so Kitty can get to her new job, Kitty snipes at him, Nora reveals that Kitty took the job after all, Kevin is pissed, Kitty says she did weigh it like he asked but took it anyway, Sarah is all excited for her because "[McCallister's] so hot" (hee), Kevin's annoyed by Sarah congratulating Kitty on "stripping [him] of [his] constitutional rights," Kitty's like, find a guy to marry first before you whinge to me, Kevin's like, oh, I'm sorry, maybe I should cheat on my fiancé and boink my co-workers like you, Justin rubs his head, Nora says she was afraid this would happen but then weirdly tries to say that her children are "usually much better behaved than this, Tommy "Mom"s her again, she yells at him...chaos.

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Brothers and Sisters




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