Brothers and Sisters

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Shot of the Whedon family bustling around their kitchen as Nora says that Sarah is a great parent, and she works, "she's like Supermom."

Shot of Tommy in an orchard as Nora talks about the "newlywed" and how great he's doing at Ojai.

Shot of Kitty, in the present, probably wondering if Nora will even mention her on the tape.

Shot of Kevin booking through a crosswalk with a phone on his ear as Nora says he should take some time off, he's working too hard. She also says Kevin won't let her go to the Gay Pride Parade with him. Hee. Justin shakes his head and smiles.

Pan over to Kitty, trying not to cry, as Nora says she doesn't agree with anything Kitty says on the radio, but it's nice to hear her voice; then pan to Nora talking about how William carries Justin's picture everywhere, and how proud he is of Justin. "We all miss you beyond words, my sweet boy," she says, as Justin tears up a bit. She goes on that he's brave, and that he should come home soon. Beaming, Justin clicks the Dictaphone off.

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Brothers and Sisters




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