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Back at rehab, Nora is sputtering to Justin, "She's working there?" Justin says impatiently that he thought Nora knew, then explodes that he's sick of everyone coming there, telling him stuff, and stressing him out. Nora immediately switches to mother-hen mode and asks if he's getting enough to eat (hee), but he wriggles out of any further conversation, saying he's late for arts and crafts.

Cut to Nora asking what Holly is going to be doing at Ojai (Sarah has no idea), then announcing to Saul and Sarah that she wants an office as well. This goes over like a lead balloon, of course -- Sarah snaps, "Mom, if you're trying to drive me crazy, I can walk from here" -- and when Nora pleads that she can "counteract" Holly, Sarah wonders sardonically, "Who counteracts you?" Nora gets her back up at that, reminding Sarah that, in between raising the five kids and "reading The Velveteen Rabbit thirteen thousand times," she also helped William build up the business, she worked in every department, and she's sure it's "like riding a bike." Sarah, who's been making skeptical faces in response, promptly supplies, "Right off a cliff!" Saul tries to point out that the situation is "awkward enough" for him, but Nora interrupts him to say that she'll see them both bright and early the next morning. She marches victoriously out as Saul groans that someone needs to accept his resignation. Sarah tells him to stop: "If anyone's resigning, it's me, just take a breath." Saul will decide whether to breathe once Sarah tells him what they're supposed to do with this craziness. Sarah rubs her forehead and says they'll do exactly what Nora and Holly want them to do: "Give them enough rope to hang each other." Saul shakes his head ruefully as she leaves.

Cut to the next morning. As Holly comes bombing down the hall in her black boots, Tommy and Sarah emerge from their offices to watch her progress, and when she arrives in "her" office, she finds Nora already there, holding a teeny plant and looking as smug as smug can be. She knows it's "a bit awkward," but with the company "in such a positive place," she's decided to "step up to the plate" and work there. Holly, all toothy disbelief, doesn't believe what she's hearing as Nora prattles on that it wasn't her idea "to double up," but space is at a premium. "Yes...Sarah mentioned that," Holly says, her face clouding. Nora asks if they should get to work, then; Holly, clearly wondering what work Nora is referring to with "they," stares. Nora smiles broadly.

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Brothers and Sisters




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