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In the dining room of the Walker Manse, Kevin is lying in the high weeds for Kitty; he immediately starts in on her about McCallister, saying that she accused him of taking things too seriously before, so he's "compiled some research." She tries to protest that it's a cross-examination and Kevin's being ridiculous, but he just talks right over her, and he's evidently upset, so after a few snideries about lawyers, she agrees to listen. He hands her a copy of the proposed constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, "which your boss voted for." She avers that McCallister isn't her boss, and asks why Kevin is getting so bent out of shape now when they've "argued about these issues for years" and agreed to disagree. Kevin says that, before, "it was just rhetoric." An offended Kitty snaps that it's "never been just rhetoric." Kevin collects himself, then explains that, when people ask him how he can tolerate Kitty "spew[ing] all that right-wing garbage" on TV, he tells them Kitty loves him and wants what best for him, "and this country." But if Kitty works for McCallister, it's not about what she believes anymore; "it's about what he does," and Kevin can't find anything to suggest that McCallister wants what's best for him -- just the opposite, in fact. Kitty is taken aback as Kevin asks her to think about what he's just said before she accepts the job offer, which she agrees to do; Kevin is a little surprised, which irritates her: "You know, why is it that this family thinks that I am incapable of rational conversation?" Be...cause you...dated Jonathan, on purpose? Which doesn't exactly indicate reason or logic as driving principles in your life? Kevin is about to say something along those lines but Kitty waves a finger and tells him to shut it.

Cut to Justin, head in hand, staring miserably into the middle distance as Kevin recaps the conversation and says he thinks he got through to Kitty, and has she said anything to Justin about McCallister? Justin doesn't answer, which Kevin interprets as a rehab thing, that Justin isn't talking, and does Justin want to pass him notes (hee), and Justin interrupts to bitch that every time he opens his mouth, it starts a fight between other family members. Then he tells Kevin that that Thursday is Family Day, and Kevin has to get everyone else in the family to come. Kevin is confused, so Justin explains that the rest of the family has to discuss their issues in group therapy. Kevin is even more confused now: "Have you told them about our -- I mean, warned them about our family?" Then he proposes bringing only two people, just him and Tommy, say, but Justin is getting impatient and says that it's "non-negotiable"; everyone has to be there. "I need everyone there." Kevin backs down, musing that maybe they could all use some therapy. "Maybe"? Justin feels me and sighs, exasperated. Kevin grimaces all "...jeez."

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Brothers and Sisters




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