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The predictable "comedic" scene that follows is faintly amusing for regular viewers of the show to watch, but not interesting to read about, so I'll nutshell it for you: Nora cannot operate the phone system, screwed up the shipping invoices, made a unilateral decision to allow dogs in the office because she read somewhere that on-site canines improve job performance and satisfaction, and is generally causing chaos and aggravating Tommy.

Kitty is at McCallister's ranch; he's fixing drinks and explaining that it used to be a working cattle ranch, but after his father's death they pared it down to ponies for his kids, some ducks and rabbits, and "a goat named Millie," which is an aggressively folksy detail, and I'm not sure it's supposed to be. Kitty admires a picture of his kids -- Jack, 8, and Sophia, 10 "going on 40" -- and then the topic changes to the job offer. He reminds the viewers that Kitty said McCallister wouldn't want her to work for him if he knew her better. "You wouldn't," she says crisply, and he asks what disqualifies her, aside from a lack of experience, which apparently is not sufficient as far as he's concerned. She says she doesn't know him well enough to know if she wants to work with him. I think it's more that she does know she wants to do the Posturepedic polka with him, but can't if he's her boss, but okay, we'll accept the first answer for now. McCallister, unlocking a cabinet, says, "Now we're getting somewhere," and removes a rifle (I think...I don't know from firearms, don't email me), and Kitty babbles a bit about rephrasing that more politely. McCallister thinks it's reasonable of her to want to get to know him better. Kitty raises an eyebrow and asks what the gun is for. "We're Republicans. It's foreplay." Rob Lowe tries to sell it with the line delivery, but it doesn't really land. Kitty's like, "...Eep." He laughs that he's kidding, and Kitty smiles mirthlessly, perhaps in part because she's wearing way too much lipstick.

At Ojai, Sarah is telling Tommy that they just need to find a "niche" for Nora. Tommy suggests the basement, behind a locked door. Kevin comes in and crabs about all the dogs, and you can hear them baying and yipping in the background as he says that they're "a litigator's nightmare." Nora comes in all Up With People about the imminent board meeting, and when Sarah observes that Nora made it sound "like a trip to the zoo," Nora glares at her all "party pooper!" That reminds Kevin to tell the others about Family Day, which he explains, reassuring Nora that it's not because Justin "slipped": "They do this with all the families." Sarah is properly dubious: "With this family?" But Nora proclaims that if Justin wants them there, they're going, end of story. Everyone begins to file out for the board meeting, but Tommy hangs back to suggest that, because it's Nora's first one, it's fine if she just wants to take it in: "It's okay to be...quiet." Apparently he has never met his mother, but anyway, Nora snorts, "Why would I say anything?" and walks off.

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Brothers and Sisters




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