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Board meeting. Saul is rushing through the agenda in an effort to adjourn before Holly has a chance to...Holly it up somehow, but he fails; she asks permission to present something to the board, and as Tommy and Kevin lean back in their chairs to exchange "WTF?"/"beats me" looks, Saul reluctantly gives Holly the floor. She thanks the board for "such a warm welcome" (shot of Sarah looking like she might weep), then hands around professional-looking syllabi regarding a winery called Greendale that she's proposing as a new investment. The Walkers look around the table at each other all, "...Okay," and as Nora stares unhappily at the empty patch of conference table in front of her, Holly prepares to take the board through a PowerPoint presentation.

Fairly amusing cut to a can getting shot off a fence at McCallister's ranch, but the scene doesn't improve much from here; it's geared almost entirely towards sanctifying McCallister, as well as making his martyred Bloomberg-Republican routine catnip to Kitty, so I'd rather not dwell too long on it. But for those of you who might wonder why McCallister is often despaired of as a Mary Sue on our forums? This is why. We begin with a bit of back-and-forth designed to 1) allow McCallister to manhandle Kitty while showing her how to shoot, and 2) show us that Kitty is an excellent shot already. Then we find out that, while they're both members of the NRA, they're both also members of the Council to Prevent Handgun Violence. He's for immigration "as long as it's legal." He's "against" family values, and adds dryly that "Families are ruining this country -- divorce is the bedrock of this great nation." When she asks about gay marriage, McCallister tells her that he knew the amendment would never pass, but he had to vote for it in order to stockpile political capital for his education bill. ...See what I'm talking about? Of course it's an education bill. Of course it's not about cynical log-rolling, or bigotry; it's About The Kids. I don't hate the character and Rob Lowe does a great job with the material, but it's just egregious right here. And it gets worse -- McCallister admits that it might seem hypocritical for him to side against gay marriage when his own marriage is falling apart, but when Kitty explains how Kevin feels about McCallister and his vote, McCallister says that Kevin's right about the vote, and he "learned a tough lesson" (of course he did), but he doesn't hate gay people (of course he doesn't) and he wouldn't do it again.

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Brothers and Sisters




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