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lle gave birth to a boy right in the correct timeline. Scotty and Kevin blink a few times and say, "A boy?" and you realize how weird this situation is. How they don't even know the gender of the kid they saw in Michelle's arms. The woman pauses for a moment and let's the information sink in. She tells them that Michelle had a boy and named him "Daniel." Kevin and Scotty look really sad and hopeful all at the same time.

Saul is playing the piano that I guess has always been in Sarah's house, but no one ever bothered to play before. Saul is accompanying himself as he sings, "I'm in the Mood for Love." Luc is yawning and watching and as Saul finishes he thanks him for singing such a lovely lullaby. Saul grumpily gathers his sheet music and harrumphs that he obviously knows nothing about music and maybe Luc should just pick his own damn wedding song. Luc looks taken aback at Saul's anger and then Saul lets loose about elephants in the room and then he sits Luc down and tells him all about the pre-nup that Sarah refuses to sign. Luc didn't learn "pre-nup" in his English classes, so Saul has to explain and then Luc is super touched that Sarah refused to sign one and Saul slaps him around a bit because he thinks Luc should force Sarah to sign one.

Further annoying conversation is prevented when Nora breaks into Sarah's house to steal the DNA sample. The wacky hijinks? Yeah, they are ensuing. Nora keeps her head down, like a kid who thinks you can't see them if they keep their eyes covered. But when Saul says, "Hello Nora," she gives up and smiles and pretends she just stopped by to borrow a turtleneck from Sarah and didn't want to bother Luc by knocking. Saul explains that they are practicing a song for Luc and Sarah's wedding. (Since when did the Walkers have Von Trapp delusions?) Then Luc mutters something about Saul thinking the marriage won't last and Nora laughs like he's being funny and tries to flee upstairs to get her DNA sample and get out, but obviously Saul stops her. He thinks she came over to the house because she needed to talk, you know, about Brody and feelings and how men are the worst. Nora laughs that her neck is cold and she needs to borrow some clothes and these people are the worst liars ever. She runs to Sarah's bathroom and starts rifling around for a suitable DNA sample, but is stone cold busted when Luc catches her ogling a hairbrush.

Cut to Luc on the phone with Sarah recounting the strange incident. Sarah believes it's a cry for help and uses this odd behavior as an excuse to take Nora on a soul-cleansing cruise. They will go to Mexico, drink margaritas, and have a cleanse. It worked so well for Tommy, after all. Luc points out that Nora will never agree to go, and Sarah decides to get everything ready and surprise her with the trip so she can't say no. Oh joy, more hijinks. Maybe hijinks are contagious? Like yawns and leprosy and Ke$ha songs.

Justin is staring in shock at little Daniel's birth certificate. He kind of liked Michelle, well as much as anyone can like someone THAT annoying, who is doing your brother a big favor, but also makes out with an almost teenager in your niece's bedroom. Despite all that, he can't believe that someone so vaguely kind of normal seeming could turn into a baby-stealing monster. Kevin nods that they never really knew Michelle. Then he asks Justin to keep it quiet for now -- he can't handle telling the rest of the family. Justin doesn't argue, but kindly tells him that whenever he needs to talk, he is there for him. Then his phone rings, proving that promise to be quite short-lived. It's Nora reporting that she failed in her mission and now Justin has to go to Sarah's and get the DNA sample. Justin tries to beg off because he wants to stay and be supportive for Kevin, but he bumbles his cover story and has no choice but to go. Obviously he doesn't tell Kevin what he is up to, so then he has to lie to Kevin, too. I bet two dollars (what? That's enough for a ding dong and a Diet Coke, what else do you need?) that Justin ends up exploding at everyone and blurting out all the secrets. Justin, like all Walkers, does not do well under pressure.

Saul surprises Nora with a visit. He's been trying to talk to her and has left ten messages and she won't return his calls. Nora rudely tells him to take a hint -- she's busy and is handling her own mess in her own way. And she still has a job! Really? Who knew! She tries to run out the door, but Saul mentions something about talking to Sarah about a pre-nup and Nora takes a minute to holler at him. He explains that the just wanted to protect Sarah, to say what William would have said. Nora harshly reminds him that he is not Sarah's father (Brody is! Right? Right), he just needs to be supportive and kind and sing a pretty song for her. Then she storms out of her own house to go to "work." I actually had to stop and think for a minute what job she was going to. Was it the Nora Walker Cancer Center? No. The flower shop? No. Ah! The radio show. You know, they really could just mention the Cancer Center sometimes, just in passing even. Just saying.

Scotty comes up from the restaurant to strategize with Kevin or at least be miserable together. Kevin tells him that he told Justin and Justin called her a monster and said she should be in jail for 20 years. Scotty looks troubled by that assessment. He doesn't think she's a monster. Neither of them have any idea what it's like to carry a baby inside their body. Kevin snaps and tells Scotty that he doesn't want to hear it. Michelle stole their baby, wrote "Father Unknown" on the birth certificate, and named the kid after her own father. What is it going to take for Scotty to get angry at her? Scotty swears that he is angry, but he doesn't feel better when he thinks of Michelle as a monster. Kevin sort of apologizes, and Scotty points out that they need to get their shit together before Olivia comes home from wherever the grownups stashed the kids this week. Kevin tells the viewing audience that Olivia is camping with Paige and texted that she saw a baby deer. Scotty's phone jingles, but it's not a folksy text from Olivia the Girl Guide, but from Michelle. She wants to talk. He lies to Kevin and heads back downstairs to think about what he's done. Here's what's not making sense thus far: Why are they not telling Olivia the truth? Michelle stole their baby and they are going to try and get him back and have a big happy family all together. Second, why not tell Kevin that Michelle made contact? They can set up a sting operation and get the damn baby back. I guess a sting operation isn't as dramatic as an inter-couple spat.

Kevin is staring at his baby's birth certificate when Saul knocks at his office door to remind him that they are supposed to be at a rehearsal for Sarah's wedding song. Kevin plum forgot amid all the drama. He tells Saul that he is not going to be able to make it, ever. Saul demands an explanation. I mean, what could be more important than his sister and her wedding? Kevin claims that he is just too tired, a response that Saul finds infuriating, because it is no excuse at all. Everyone over the age of 35 is tired! All the time! Get used to it! Saul goes on a tear about how he is just trying to help everyone and no one will talk to him and he's had it! He slams the office door on the way out.

Justin shows up at Luc's just in time for rehearsal, except, of course, he's not there for rehearsal, he is there to steal his sister's DNA and prove that she is only a half-sister. Luc is excited to see him, but quickly becomes less so when Justin claims he needs to use the restroom upstairs to... er, drop the kids off at the pool. Luc nods understandingly, hands him a pack of matches, and sends him upstairs for some quality time on the can. So he is a wee bit surprised when Justin comes running downstairs a minute later and leaves with no explanation. That leaves Saul and Luc to kiss and make up and pick a song to sing to Sarah at the wedding.

Sarah is digging through drawers at Walker Manor. She is looking for Nora's passport. She has alre

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