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ne call and says Scotty sends his love, but won't be joining them because Olivia is back and is getting ready for bed. Nora tells him to bring her some cookies. Because every child needs cookies. It's in the constitution. Sarah laughs that she and her dad used to say they could eat their way out of any crisis. The mention of dear old dad causes everyone to pause and shift uncomfortably in their chairs. The silence grows and Sarah begs them not to get all weird on her: Nothing has changed, William is still her father and Brody is just some guy. In Sarah's view, Brody lied to Nora 45 years ago and that was his choice. However, by making that choice, he made it clear that he didn't want Nora or Sarah in his life. Now the feeling is mutual. Nora looks uncomfortable about this characterization of Brody, but doesn't really feel like she can say anything to defend him.

Later, though, Saul finds her frantically looking for a magazine, which is clearly just a beard for her hurt feelings. Saul begs Nora to talk to him. She sadly tells him that she and Brody have a child together. Sarah is their daughter. She wants to call him up and tell him, but she can't do that to Sarah. This is about Sarah and Nora has to do whatever Sarah says or else. Leaving that head scratcher alone, Saul reminds Nora that she is in love with Brody, but Nora doesn't think it matters anymore. It's just about Sarah now.

Scotty is tucking Olivia into bed when Kevin comes home. He runs in and gives Olivia a big hug. He and Scotty have made up and are holding hands as Olivia regales them with camping tales. Kevin's phone rings and he teases Justin for Olivia's benefit and then heads downstairs. He opens the door to the café and finds a very panicked Justin standing there holding a baby. Kevin blinks a few times as Justin rushes in explaining that Michelle drove up to his house, shoved the baby into his arms, and fled the scene. Scotty comes downstairs and takes in the scene. The baby is crying and Scotty takes him into his arms. They all stare at each other in stunned silence when Justin notices Olivia standing there. She asks a simple question, with no easy answer, "Whose baby is that?" Lucy, you got some 'splainin to do.

Oh man, I LOVE THIS EPISODE! Of course, we had to wait five seasons for some actual de-Walkering, but we got a de-Walkering AND a new baby all in one episode? Awesome.

Melissa Locker a.k.a. Lulu Bates can't believe they actually de-Walkered someone. You can follow her on Twitter @woolyknickers

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