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On the plus side: extremely tiny and cute baby hat!

Fortunately, we cut over to Julia and Tommy meeting Elizabeth. The nurse takes her out of the incubator, and she is tiny, so naturally the hat she's wearing to keep her warm is even tinier, and that hat is so goddamn cute that one of my ovaries burst into flames. Bitty little baby clothes get me every time -- the micro-socks? With the little treads? SO! CUTE! Julia takes Elizabeth carefully in her arms, so as not to disturb Elizabeth's tubes; she seems in better spirits as she says how beautiful Elizabeth is. Saul and Nora beam from a few feet away as Tommy notices Elizabeth's "perfect little nose." "Hello, little bear," Julia says (snick: that's what I call my cats), and Tommy comments hilariously that she looks more like a little lobster, and Julia's like, oh no you didn't call our daughter a lobster. Nora asks what they do plan on naming her, and she and Saul both laugh happily when they hear the name Elizabeth. Tommy tells Elizabeth that they'll tell her about her brother one day, and how much they loved him, and everyone looks sad until Saul tells Elizabeth she's as pretty as her mother, and then Tommy notes that Elizabeth is "so strong," and tells Nora, "She reminds me of you." ... "Aw," I guess? Too on-the-nose for my taste, but we're spared any more tired dialogue when we go back to a montage -- later, Tommy and Julia hold Elizabeth up, and the family coos and smiles at her through the glass, most notably Rebecca, whose presence is a bit weird but maybe Justin invited her, and Kevin, who's so pleased with his niece that he looks practically stoned. Aw.

Buckle up, kids. Looks like it's going to be a bumpy season finale.

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