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On the plus side: extremely tiny and cute baby hat!

Nora bustles into Julia's room, saying she had to talk Saul out of buying an entire kosher deli, and also that her contact at Cedars had nothing but nice things to say about the neo-natal doctor: "Not that we were checking up on you." Tommy asks about the transplant procedure, and the doctor explains that, while it's fairly routine for adults, it's by no means simple, and because William is so teeny... well, enough said. How risky is it, Tommy wants to know. "I don't want to tell you there's no reason to hope," the doctor says, but... well, that's pretty much what she's trying to say, actually. Seems like there's a gentler way to put that, but I imagine that, in these situations, doctors have to speak bluntly so that the family doesn't misapprehend the odds. "What about our daughter?" Julia asks. "She will also be at considerable risk." Julia's like, so both babies could die. Tommy tries to spin it a little for her, saying the doctor is just going over "all the possible scenarios," but Julia doesn't think that's what she's trying to tell them. Nora asks what the doctor suggests, but the doctor tells her it's a "very personal decision -- one only the family can make." Julia looks up at the doctor, her face pleading and sort of melting back into tears, and I have to give it up for Sarah Jane Morris; she's had next to nothing to do most of the season, but she's breaking my heart here. It's probably hard to avoid overplaying this kind of plot; the situation and the emotions in it are so extreme that you often see actors go straight to hysterics without much nuancing, but throughout the episode, Morris is very natural and subtle, even when Julia is extremely upset. Fine work with a tough gig -- even finer given that I haven't cared for the actor in other roles.

The doctor thinks they need time to think, and she withdraws. Nora stares at Tommy, fidgeting with her hands, obviously at a loss with her inability to help in any substantive way. Tommy asks her to excuse them, which she does, although it pains her. Tommy makes Julia look at him, and when she starts bargaining, kind of, talking about waiting for another donor, he blusters that William is going to be fine, both twins are, "let's stay focused on the big picture -- two happy, healthy babies." He's trying to convince himself, really, and it's not working on Julia: "She doesn't even have a name. We named him William, but... she doesn't even have a name." She sobs that she can't lose them both; Tommy says firmly that they won't.

In the library at Kevin's firm, Kitty tries to get Kevin to help her with the Cole situation by bribing him with a fancy bottle of scotch. Kevin knows it's a "senator-sized favor" she's going to ask, and Kitty doesn't help her case by referring to the "client-attorney privileges," because apparently she's the only person on earth who has never seen even five minutes of Law & Order. Kevin's like, it's "privilege," singular, and also, I don't represent Republicans, sorry. She starts to spazz, and he tells her to calm down: "You're sounding almost Nora-esque." That shuts her right up. Hee. Kevin snides that it's good that she brought scotch: "That way, when I refuse to help you you'll be a little more relaxed." She grabs the bottle and skulks off to his office.

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