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On the plus side: extremely tiny and cute baby hat!

"Here" is a VA hospital. In the physical therapy wing, Robert greets various people; Justin looks around, floored. Robert evidently visits frequently, as most of the people in the shot recognize him and greet him warmly, and one woman thanks him for sending magazines; many of the people in the shot also have prosthetic limbs or use wheelchairs. Justin gets into a conversation with a guy in an army t-shirt, and when the guy asks if Justin works for Robert, Justin says no, he's his future brother-in-law; actually, Justin's doing a tour in Iraq in two weeks. The guy shakes his head and puffs his cheeks out with air in response; Justin's like, "Yeah, exactly," and changes the subject to the guy's leg. As the guy explains about the RPG that came through the truck he was in, the focus shifts to Robert in the background, watching Justin gravely.

Walker home. Kevin's making a sandwich; Justin comes in and, after getting off the phone with Sarah, flops along the central island. "Either that was a performance-art piece entitled 'The Melting Slug,' or you want me to ask you about your day," Kevin says. Justin eyes the Dagwood Kevin is constructing and snorts, "Either your day was just as rough or your manorexia's completely cured." Ha! Love the scenes with these two. Kevin mentions that a sandwich that big would cost fifteen bucks anywhere else, but admits that while he did have a rough day, it's a Kitty thing and he can't talk about it. Fine, Justin says. Kevin adds that it's an attorney-client issue, and Justin sing-songs, "I just said I don't caaa-aaare," and Kevin's like, well good because I can't tell you so there, and asks what happened to Justin. Justin says the senator called him, out of the blue. Kevin muses that maybe their days were more similar than he thought; Justin says that Robert picked him up in his "sweet" limo and he had no idea what was going on or where they were going, and Kevin sighs that he'd love to go on a date like that. Justin makes a "henh?" face, and Kevin eye-rolls that he may not agree with Robert's politics, "but this is a man with perfect skin." It's like he read our minds, you guys! Justin tells him that Robert took him to a VA hospital, and was hanging out talking to the veterans "like it was nothing," and Kevin sneers through a mouthful of food that he's sure the press found it very heartwarming, and Justin tells him to chew with his mouth closed, and also that there wasn't any press there. Kevin's still not impressed, and even less so when Justin admits that it scared the hell out of them to see what happened to some of those guys, but that's why Robert took him there. But as Justin continues that Robert wanted to show him that he has a responsibility, that he's needed and that there's a reason he's going back, Kevin looks thoughtful. "He's a better guy than you think, Kevin." I would agree, but... not necessarily because of this. I think it's more about Robert projecting, but I suppose we'll see.

At the hospital, Nora sits down beside Tommy and asks if he's seen the twins yet. Frowning, he shakes his head, and Nora tells him a story about how William I was terrified of holding Sarah at first. I can think of another dad who held a newborn Sarah like she was that asteroid from the last scene of Time Bandits. But I won't name names. (Aw.) Tommy says that it's not that he doesn't want to see them, but for six months, everyone's told him that, once he does see them, it won't matter that they aren't biologically his, that everything will change. It already has, Nora says, or this wouldn't be so hard. Tommy's afraid that, if he sees his daughter, he won't be able to ask her "to do more than she already has." "You don't have to," Nora whispers. He and Julia have a choice. Tommy objects to this -- what kind of father would he be if he didn't do everything he could for William -- and Nora, fighting tears, says she knows. She goes on that "maybe I'm not the best example of this, but" sometimes, being a good parent is about knowing when not to parent at all: "You have to get out of the way and let life happen to your kids." Her use of the word "life" doesn't escape either of them; after a moment, Tommy whispers, "They could both. Die." Nora regards him, struggles not to break down, and says she's sorry, she's so sorry, she wishes she could do something to help, and she and the whole family will understand and support him, whatever they choose to do: "We love you." Aw, Nora's the best, and words really don't do justice to how amazing Sally Field is in this scene; she's bringing an almost documentary realness to her lines. Tommy wonders brokenly what happens if he can't choose, and Nora says firmly that the babies need him, both of them: "They need their father."

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Brothers and Sisters




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