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I don't know about you, but while I was watching this show, I was interrupted by George Stephanopoulos' rather large head asking me to please stand by. Me being a sucker for a big-headed man, I did what he asked. Eventually I was rewarded by the arrival of our President, Barack Obama, who announced that Osama Bin Laden was dead. But, I already knew that. You see, I'm on Twitter. A LOT. So by the time the President got around to interrupting primetime Sunday night television (and hilariously, Celebrity Apprentice. BTW, did you see Obama ripping on Donald Trump? Do it NOW. Right here. Then come back.) I had been cracking wise and RT-ing the crap out of the plethora of "Was it foul play?" and Weekend at Bernie's jokes. So while I knew Bin Laden was dead, I still didn't know how Brothers & Sisters ended. I mean, where are our national priorities? Well apparently they lay in dicking over Donald Trump in at least two time zones. Luckily, through the magic of the internet, I was able to find the episode online and thus present your humble recap.

A girl walks into a bar. It's a long shot of the room with the row of almost empty chairs stretching into the distance. The only person there is Brody, doing his best Edward Hopper impersonation. He sees Sarah and is surprised to see her. She stands in the door and nods at him. The whole scene has a very noir-ish slant to it. Like we're back in that god awful Nora Nightmare where it was black and white and dreadful all over. Sarah (who is noir-ishly wearing a trench coat even though she lives in California and it's not raining) looks at him and says, "I would say I was in the neighborhood, but Modesto's not on the way to anywhere. I'll just come out and say it, you're my father." I think someone has been reading a few too many Raymond Chandler novels. Brody tries to argue, but Sarah puts up her hand and says no. They DNA'd him and sure enough, he's daddy dearest. Brody gasps, takes a seat, and tears up a little. He wants her to sit down and come to papa, or at least just talk, but Sarah's not interested. Wait... how did she know he was going to be in that bar? Did she try his house first? And then just go bar hopping? Or did she triangulate the position of his cell phone?

However she found him, she wants him to know that she may be biologically his daughter, but William Walker was her father and she had a great childhood and a wonderful family. He just needs to think of her as the kid he gave up for adoption 40 years ago (hahaha, nice try, but we all know you're not 40 Sarah) and she doesn't want to know her birth parents. She doesn't want him in her life and she doesn't want anything from him. Also, she wants him to stay away from Nora. And since she is technically the boss of Nora, I guess she gets to make that call.

Then Sarah storms out of the bar and into the car where Kitty is waiting for her. How nice of Kitty to show up to work! It must be a special occasion. Sarah has a near panic attack and gasps for air and says something about feeling like broken glass inside. Um... if this was so hard for you, why didn't you just call him? Or, I don't know, send an email. I can't stand the conceit in television shows where characters are always driving to people's houses just to announce that they never want to see the person again. Okay, but, it's a lot easier to never see someone again when you aren't standing in front of them. Just sayin'.

Scotty and Kevin are both sitting in front of wee baby Daniel feeding him carrots and peas and singing and cooing. Olivia opens her bedroom door and reminds them that she needs a ride. Kevin grouses, "A ride where?" And Olivia looks super offended that dear old dad forgot her soccer practice. Kevin slaps his forehead in remembrance and asks Scotty to take her because he has a client coming. Scotty can't take her because Daniel's car seat doesn't fit in his car. Instead of offering to let Scotty drive his car with the car seat, Kevin says he will just cancel his client. Does Kevin hate money? Olivia scowls and says she will just take the damn bus, she did it plenty of times before when she was an unloved foster kid. She can do it again now that she's an unloved non-bio kid. Kevin almost patiently tells her to shut it because he is driving her. She shuts her bedroom door again and Kevin and Scotty exchange a Look. Someone is going to have to remind Olivia that she is loved and wanted. Maybe they can buy her another gecko to love? Also, if they didn't like the name Daniel, why didn't they change the kid's name? Also, how old is this kid? He's eating solid food, so six months? How long did it take to adopt Olivia? One month? I don't get the Walkerlandia timeline AT ALL.

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