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but since he won't be seeing her then, or ever I guess, he wants to give it to her now. It's a locket that was his grandmother's. She can use it to remember him. Nora gushes that she would never forget Brody and then they kiss, long and hard, and maybe this is when Sarah was conceived? We cut to commercial before we ever find out. I mean, THANK GOD.

Nora is innocently walking through an outdoor café, when she stops dead in her tracks, because there sits Brody, innocently (?) reading a newspaper. She calls him out, because what is he doing on her side of the state? Didn't he see the big chalk line she drew down the middle of it? This is clearly her side of things. Is he stalking her? Brody lights up when he sees her, and then laughs that since he was there first that would be some pretty fancy stalking. Maybe it's just the universe telling them something. Nora harrumphs and shuffles past him to continue on her way. She stops five feet later and asks him whether he got that old car fixed up to drive himself down to Florida. For some reason Brody instantly seems to have some idea what the heck she is talking about, which seems unlikely because it has been 40 years and she was the one who had the flashback, not him. He explains that he never got that car fixed and had to take a bus. Maybe the universe was telling him something way back then too? That melts Nora's resolve (girls are SO easy) and she tells him to come over that night. He makes a goobery, yet endearing, "YES!" arm gesture as she leaves.

Back at the hotel, Justin is ushering Luc's... well, what's the French equivalent of a frat boy? These are the most bro-ish Frenchmen I have ever seen and I was an exchange student to Montpellier AND saw the final leg of the Tour de France. So, well done, casting! The Frenchmen are running around the hotel lobby chasing tail like it's some form of musical chairs. Obviously the girls are all totally falling for it, because the men have French accents and girls are kind of silly like that and go all weak in the knees anytime a guy with an accent (not German) flirts with them. The men are practically wilding and Justin rounds them up and herds the men towards the elevator apologizing to everything in a skirt for their behavior. Then he sees Tyler and completely forgets about the Frenchmen who are mounting everything in sight. Justin sheepishly explains that they are Luc's cousins. In crisp high school French Tyler tells them that there rooms are on the 5th floor and if they need anything to call her. One guy asks her if he meant her in Paris, and does she know where he can purchase some roofies? He's asking for a friend.

Justin locks them all in the elevator and takes the opportunity to apologize to Tyler. Not just for the lewd and lascivious Frenchmen, but for being a druggie and not apologizing to her during his 12 Steps. Now that that's out of the way, does she want to go out on a date and meet the New and Improved Justin Walker? Now 100% drug and alcohol free! Tyler says, um, no, because um, no. She's happy that Justin is clean and sober, but still, no. Justin shrugs and says he just had to speak from his heart. For some reason that makes Tyler change her mind and she tells him to meet her after work. Justin smiles and says he will pick her up after Luc's bachelor party. Assuming he is still alive and isn't too busy bailing out Luc's cousins after they get jailed for molestation.

Scotty and Kevin are not happy. Olivia got in trouble at school for intentionally knocking over a kid's lunch tray. Olivia blandly explains that the kid wouldn't let her sit at his table. Kevin and Scotty shake their heads sorrowfully, this just isn't like her. Kevin asks what they can do to make sure this never happens again, but Olivia is taciturn. Then she tells Scotty that he has to sign the note so she can return it to her teacher tomorrow. Scotty signs it, but then he stops. He knows that this is a confusing time for her, because it is a confusing time for all of them. None of them were expecting Daniel to come into their lives. But they just have to figure out how to make it work, as a family. If Olivia needs more attention, she needs to tell them, and knocking over some kid's lunch isn't the way to get it. So Olivia knocks over a lamp, wakes the baby, and yells at Kevin to pick up the damn lamp himself. Gosh, guys, think she needs more attention?

Sarah, Kitty, and Nora are trying to work out the details for the wedding menu. There is a lot of strife over whether to add lamb between the appetizer and the fish. How will they ever decide? An octopus salad followed by lamb followed by fish? The French will riot! Kitty thinks Sarah should get whatever she wants, because it's her day! She's getting married (again) and she should have the menu she desires. Also, Kitty seems determined to give Sarah whatever she wants because she is two fish courses away from a full-on meltdown. Or so they keep telling us, I'm still not really seeing it in Sarah's acting. (I always want to type, "ACTING!" all Jon Lovitz on SNL style.) So dammit they are having a lamb course.

Nora surreptitiously checks her watch and Sarah calls her out. Does she have somewhere she has to be? Isn't she having fun? Maybe Sarah's "on the edge of a breakdown" is just coming across as bitchy? Nora says she's tired, but Sarah isn't tired, so no one gets to be tired. Besides they were going to order Thai food. Nora sighs and Kitty goes to fetch the menu. Sarah pours a big old glass of wine with a side of whine and starts complaining that no one organized a bachelorette party for her. Kitty tells her to shut it, because they are going to order won ton soup from the Thai restaurant, isn't that crazy enough for her? Chinese food from a Thai place? That's living on the edge AND walking on the wild side.

Sarah grouses that she feels cooped up and really wants to go crash Luc's bachelor party. Nora points out that Luc may not be super excited about it, but Kitty thinks it sounds like fun. She'll go raid Sarah's two-sizes too large wardrobe and they will hit the town. Nora is delighted to be able to go home, but Sarah is feeling preternaturally sensitive and thinks Nora is a little to eager to leave. Is she by any chance leaving to go see Brody? Because if she was, Sarah would view that as an act of high treason and would have no choice but to disown her. Nora stares at her blankly and tells her that Brody did come to her house yesterday, but she didn't let him in. It's Sarah's fault anyway, for driving to Modesto to tell him that he's her father. Sarah pouts that she needed closure and also told Brody to never ever ever come near Nora again. Nora reminds Sarah that she and Brody have a lot of history and Sarah is a part of that history, but Sarah doesn't care. Brody knocked her up and left her 40 years ago and that is the end of that. Nora doesn't bother pointing out that she was actually sleeping with two guys and no one was sure who was the father so she married William. I guess she didn't want to remind her daughter that she was kind of a slore. Then Sarah gets incredibly immature and pouty and tells her mom that if she chooses Brody, then Sarah will never talk to her again. Nora promises Sarah that she would never choose Brody over her, but she has to go now, because she has a secret date with him to get to already.

It's bachelor party time! Luc, Justin, and Kevin are basically acting as chaperones for Luc's horndog cousins who are molesting every single girl in the room, including the cocktail waitress and Betty White. (Okay, not Betty White, but if she was there, they would be nuzzling her velour track suit, I guarantee it.) Luc, Justin, and Kevin, however, are all on their smartphones. Luc is trying to get Sarah to text him back, Kevin is getting updates from Scotty about how the kids are finally sleeping, and Justin is looking at photos of Tyler. Okay, what? Justin has dated a lot of other women, and, OH YEAH, was MARRIED. The chances of him still having photos of an ex in his phone seems IMPOSSIBLE. Also, really? He hasn't gotten a new phone

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