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in four years? As if! Then, tragedy strikes: Justin gets a text from Tyler saying she can't make it. Then, Luc's cousins want to go to a strip club. Then Kevin gets the news that Olivia has run away from home and returned herself to the group home she used to live in. Um, Scotty? Worst. Babysitter. Ever.

Brody knocks on Nora's door and she grabs him by the arm, drags him inside, and looks around to see if anyone saw him. He assures her that he parked his RV around the block, which I don't think is a euphemism for anything, but could be. Then he offers Nora a doughnut. She stares at him in confusion and then he reminds her that she really loves the little powder sugar ones and she looks all touched and happy and he leans in for a kiss and she bolts. She can't do this to her daughter! She quietly corrects herself, "OUR daughter." Brody wisely tells her that they all just need some time to let this sink in. Nora shakes her head, she thinks that she and Brody need to figure out a way to say goodbye to each other. He looks sad as he asks her if that's what she wants. She doesn't answer, but it's clear that it's not at all what she wants. She goes to fix them a drink, which seems like a very wise course of action. Fix me one while you're at it!

Sarah and Kitty are hitting the town in their ladies on the prowl finest, which means, apparently, leather. Sarah is wearing skin-tight leather pants and Kitty has a teeny tiny leather mini that she apparently borrowed from Sarah and then quickly had altered to actually fit her by the live in tailor that Sarah keeps around for just such a situation. That's what rich people do you know. Or so I've heard. Now, I'm not saying that Sarah is fat, because clearly that is not the case. It's just that Kitty is skeletal and there is no way that the teeny tiny mini skirt was borrowed from Sarah. Anyway.

Sarah and Kitty show up at the bar where Luc is carousing on his last night of freedom. The bouncer asks for their ID and they both coo like it is the biggest compliment in the world, and not, you know, state law. Kitty shows her ID, but Sarah realizes that she left hers at the county clerk's office. Even though Sarah clearly is over the age of 21, the guy won't let her in. I guess the leather pants don't help prove your age and maturity. This velvet-roped roadblock to an evening of fun and shenanigans sends Sarah right on over the edge. She tells the bouncer that even if she had her ID, it would be a fake, not because of the age, but because of her last name. She's not a Walker! She says it a few more times for emphasis while Kitty drags her away. She then tells Kitty that she's not her sister, only her half-sister. Her whole life is a lie! She storms out of the bar with Kitty chasing after her trying to prove that they are in fact sisters. She reminds her of all the sisterly things they did together like found an I Hate Boys Club and barf on each other and bike to each other's rescue. Kitty even plays the "I Had Cancer and You Saved Me" card, but Sarah doesn't fall for it. She ditches Kitty and grabs a cab home. It's easier to feel sorry for yourself when you're not wearing leather pants.

Kevin goes to collect Olivia at the group home. She tells him that she took the bus there in the middle of the night. Kevin shakes his head sadly, because he loves her and wants her to be safe. Scotty comes in just then and wraps Olivia in a huge bear hug and then berates her for leaving the house without telling anyone and she is never ever ever to do that again, does she understand that? I guess it's Kevin's turn to play good cop, because he very calmly tells Olivia that he knows things have been crazy at home and it's not fair to her, but they are going to figure it out as a family. Olivia blurts that they don't need her any more! Daniel was their first choice and now they have him. Kevin explains again that they are a family and they love her. Scotty then tells her that they need her more than ever, because she's the only one who understands what Daniel is going through. They need her to help him adjust to his new home. Um... isn't that kind of like telling your kid, we had you so you could give a kidney to your dying sister. I mean, it's basically saying that they need Olivia just to make Daniel more comfortable. Whatever, Olivia seems to buy it.

Back at Walker Manor, things are getting intense as Nora and Brody try to piece together what happened 40 plus years ago to make him leave and Nora and William raise Sarah as their own. Nora doesn't understand why he left that day, since he knew there was a chance that Sarah was his. Through a flashback Brody tells her that William called him in Sarasota, Florida and told him that his wife, Nora, had a baby girl and there was a chance that it was Brody's. Nora had told him about her pre-marital tryst with Brody and for some reason William felt the need to call him back to Pasadena. So Brody drove all through the night and arrived at the hospital just in time for Sarah's 9 a.m. feeding. As he stared at the babies in their nursery, William approached him and asked him what his blood type was. Seriously? That could have been asked OVER THE PHONE while Brody was still in Florida. When Brody tells him it's Type B, the same as William's, William paints a picture for him: He could go tell Nora that there is a 50% chance that he is Sarah's father and then he could leave her and the baby while he traveled around the country playing baseball OR since there is also a 50% chance that William is the father, he could go in there and tell Nora that he is, say, Type O blood, and let William raise his daughter and build a business and really take care of the family. So Brody went to Nora's hospital room and found her and Sarah cuddled together. He asked her if she loved William and she said yes. She asked him if he loved baseball, and he said yes.

Back in the present, Nora explains to Brody that William said he wouldn't sign the birth certificate and would leave her and the baby alone if she didn't agree to cut all ties with Brody. Nora laughs that she thinks the reason she told William about Brody in the first place was because she secretly hoped William would leave and Brody would come and they would live happily ever after. They both laugh about that and then we cut back to the flashback. Nora asks him what they are going to do, because Sarah could be his baby. Brody gently strokes Sarah's baby head and says, no, it couldn't. He tells her William's suggested lie, that he's Type O and thus couldn't be Sarah's dad. Nora sadly says that there is nothing tying them together then. Back in the present, Nora and Brody look mournful and then Brody laughs, because despite William and the universe working against them, here they are, together. Until Sarah finds out anyway.

Speaking of Sarah, in her fugue state, she somehow decided that the person she needed to see was Saul. Luckily she somehow knew that he was at the restaurant and so she ended up there, spilling her guts, but drinking her wine. The way the Walkers drink you know there is no way they don't forward each other every single newspaper article that extols the health benefits of drinking red wine. Like, see, the LA Times says we are being heart smart! And the NY Times Health blogger says wine can reduce inflammation! We are so clever for drinking so much!

Sarah is whining to Saul about how hard her life is right now. The thing she is most fixated on is whether or not her dad ever knew her true status. He could have DNA tested her toothbrush anytime in the last decade. Er... anytime in the last decade in which he was not dead. Saul reminds her that if she has questions, she should really talk to Nora about it. Nora was there for all of this and is the only one who can begin to understand how Sarah feels. Sarah doesn't feel like she can talk to Nora right now, though. She knows it's complicated for her mom, and she... I don't know. Wants this to be all about her? She doesn't care how her mom feels? Whatever. Kitty comes in and thanks Sarah for calling her, because she w

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