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as worried. Sarah laughs and apologizes and they make up. They are full sisters forever! Cross their hearts and hope to die.

Justin is returning the drunken Frenchmen to their hotel, when lo and behold, Tyler is there. Oh right, she works there. No shocker. Justin once again herds the horny drunk Frenchmen towards the elevator and bids them a not-very fond adieu. He goes to say hey to Tyler because he is impressed that she is actually working and not just blowing him off. He's not used to that in a lady. She explains that she lost her night clerk, and then confesses that she sent her night clerk home because she needed time to think. You see, she's married, but wait, no, she's separated. Justin's like, and? You're separated. Why didn't you just tell me that? She just kinda wanted to lead him on because it was fun and she liked the attention and she needed something good in her life. Whatever! They start making out in the hotel lobby. But wait! You have no night clerk! Stop making out and send someone to clean up the puke in the elevator. You know the Frenchmen totally ralphed in there.

It's late late late at night and Sarah sneaks in to Walker Manor. Who let her drive? She was past tipsy last time we saw her. It's unclear what she is up to, what with it being the middle of the night. Sarah is sneaking around when she sees that the fire is still roaring in the living room. She half smiles and goes to check on her mom, I guess? But, of course, she gets an eyeful of Nora and Brody asleep (fully dressed) on the couch. Sarah stares at them stonily. You think she would have a moment of clarity, like, "Oh mom's really happy and deserves it after all the bullshit she's been through," but, no. She glares at them and when Nora awakes she sees Sarah with clenched teeth glaring at her, nodding her head like her choice is made, and then turning on her heel and walking away. Gah. I really dislike this iteration of Sarah. Maybe they should go on that cleansing cruise after all.

Melissa Locker a.k.a. Lulu Bates is ready for this season to end all ready. You can follow her on Twitter @woolyknickers

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Brothers and Sisters




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