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Previously: McCallister admitted that he's running for president; Sarah felt that she wasn't "enough for" Joe; Nora yelled at Justin for hanging out with Rebecca; Justin told Rebecca he's used to being the bad influence in the family; Kitty asked McCallister if his brother is single; Justin comforted Kevin about the Chad break-up; McCallister confessed the truth about the helicopter "rescue."

At McCallister HQ, the chief of staff (I think his name is "Gary," so that's what I'll call him) is assigning friends-and-family debriefs to Kitty. Kitty is allegedly a political consultant, but for exposition's sake, she has to pretend she doesn't get what this is for, so Gary explains: the best defense against "bimbo eruptions," Whitewater-type revelations, et cetera is to know about and spin them in advance. Gary's on the family detail, and mentions how he got "an earful" from the ex-wife over the last two days; Kitty fishes for details on that, but gets stonewalled, which she has to admit is just as well.

Cut to an unenthusiastic Kitty in a side office, asking a scruffy cutie if he can remember any embarrassing incidents, "hazing rituals," pranks, anything like that. Scruffy says no -- but the Senator wet the bed a few times. Kitty perks up and starts giggling all, "Good one!", but Scruffy's all, "Not joking over here," and as Kitty looks worried, Scruffy adds, "Oh, and we used to take baths together. That part I don't remember so well, but" -- and he throws Kitty a tiny wink here -- "I got pictures." Kitty, struggling to contain a Tasmanian-Devil-esque splutter fit: "I mean, was that some sort of a, a fraternity-brother kind of thing?" More a brother-brother kind of thing, Scruffy says, which is nice of him to do for Kitty's benefit since the rest of us got there like a week ago, but despite the prankster clarinets hooting wryly all around her, Kitty is still confused until Scruffy introduces himself as Jason McCallister. Kitty is delighted, babbles a bit about the source of the confusion, and finishes with, "You're the gay brother!" Well put, Ambassador. "You're... Kitty!" Jason responds brightly. I like this guy already: cute, kind of sarky, looks a little like Rob Lowe and sounds a lot like him too. So, Jason says McCallister has a lot of nice things to say about Kitty. Kitty asks if McCallister mentioned that she has a gay brother. No, Jason says, "but congratulations!" Kitty blows right past that little dig to ask if he's single, and we cut from Jason's "... eesh" face...

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Brothers and Sisters




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