Brothers and Sisters

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Less Talk, More Hugs

Sarah's disembodied voice is filling Kevin's office. She is suggesting sage and since I come from Oregon's hippy-country I immediately think that she is trying to rid her house of bad energy. Then I realize she is talking about recipes. She is debating her menu for Scotty's celebratory dinner. How intimidating must it be to cook for one of the top chefs? Even if he is your brother-in-law? I only saw one episode of Ellen, but it had Martha Stewart as an unexpected guest at a dinner party that Ellen's throwing and the thought truly filled me with horror. Obviously it made an impression since I am now mentioning it twelve-odd years later. Sarah is wise to be concerned. Kevin isn't really paying attention to her menu suggestions because, as it turns out, he is too poor to pay attention. The new paycheck that comes with his new job is distractingly small. Before Sarah can yell at him for not focusing, The Senator walks in to Kevin's office concerned about Kitty and her television watching. She stayed up one night watching television? And he's concerned? Over one night? He obviously doesn't hang around with our group much. There is some quality television on at four in the morning. Nothing to be concerned about at all. Sarah yells at The Senator, "Of course she's depressed! She thought she was getting a baby in three months!" The Senator looks around and realizes Sarah is on speakerphone. He chastises Kevin for bad phone etiquette and then sits down to chat with the Walkers about Kitty. Kevin is still distracted by his paycheck. The Senator tells them that Kitty's been staying up all night donating to online charities. Sarah wants to hear more but her other line is beeping. It's Nora. Sarah hangs up on her because Kitty is depressed and The Senator needs advice. Nora stares at the phone like it just licked her and frowns. Sarah and Kevin are debating how best to help Kitty. They recall the Dance of Humiliation and The Spandex Debacle, but don't explain either of those to The Senator, leaving him to scratch his head over what junior high mishap either could entail. He is probably also regretting ever engaging the Walkers. Sarah and Kevin remember that after the Spandex Incident, Kitty went up to Ojai with Tommy. They decide to call Tommy to find out what he did to cheer her up. Tommy answers and then The Senator's phone rings. It's Nora. She demands to be put on speakerphone, too. The Senator sighs, but complies with the one request that they try not to speak over each other. What fun is that? Tommy recalls that after the Spandex Incident he took Kitty up to Ojai and gave her a project to work on. Kitty doesn't do well with time on her hands. They all start talking over each other again and then Sarah comes up with a solution: she just finished a project for Greenatopia. She could ask Kitty to look at it for her! They all agree it sounds like a good plan. Nora thanks The Senator for calling. He points out that he didn't, but then decides not to argue and thanks her for the advice. While retreating from the office, The Senator tells Kevin to congratulate Scotty for him since he can't make the party. Kevin sighs over the lack of zeroes in his paycheck and The Senator reminds him that he knew he was getting a pay cut and no one goes into politics for the money. They just want to help people. And kittens! And to get the fries in the Congressional lunch room.

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Brothers and Sisters




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