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Kevin is waiting for Scotty at his restaurant's bar. He is sulky and drawing circles with his finger. The bartender asks if he needs another drink and then figures out that Kevin is Scotty's husband. She thinks Kevin must be so proud of Scotty and Kevin sort of mush mouths yeah. I am going to be so mad if Kevin Walker spends this whole episode sulking over Scotty's success. Don't do it writers! Don't do it! The bartender keeps chattering, not noticing, or simply choosing to ignore, Kevin's dark mood. Scotty finally makes it away from all of his admirers and perches on a stool next to Kevin the Grouch. He is being cute and clever and Kevin is being a sourpuss. Scotty calls him out and Kevin admits that there was a minor financial hiccup, but everything will be okay. Scotty reminds Kevin that they are married and he just got a raise and wants to contribute. Kevin asks him to contribute some food. Scotty happens to know the head chef, but doesn't want Kevin to think the conversation is over. Kevin pays for everything? What is Scotty doing with his money? I know a lot of gay men love mid-century modern, but I didn't think it extended into their pocketbooks.

Sarah stops by Kitty's house to secretly cheer her up. She starts off by mocking her daily hygiene routine or lack there of. She then surprises her with an ice cream sundae. Wait, this is California. Let me start over: She surprises her with a frozen yogurt with her favorite toppings. Kitty thinks it is sweet (the act, not the yogurt), but she doesn't need cheering up. Sarah confesses that it's actually buttering up, because she needs Kitty's help. It's pretty funny to watch Rachel Griffiths act like she is acting. She totally overplays that she needs Kitty's help because she is overwhelmed with the dinner menu for Scotty's party. Kitty offers to help cook, but Sarah falls out of cheer-Kitty-up mode and laughs in horror at the thought. She doesn't want Kitty's help cooking. Just help with the proposal for Greenatopia. It's supposed to go out to potential vendors on Monday and she would love it if Kitty could give it a read through. Kitty thinks she can find the time. I love the fact that there were telenovelas playing in the background.

Justin is sitting in his NA meeting listening intently to the tale told by a fellow addict. Oh god it's a squishy-faced Dave Foley. Squishy Face explains how he lost his medical license and his friends and savings due to his addiction, but now he is seven years clean and looking for companionship since he left his boyfriend in Cincinnati. Justin perks up at the mention of gayness and loneliness. Over after-meeting punch, Justin reintroduces himself to Squishy Face, aka Paul. Paul doesn't remember Justin until he recalls the horndog dad issues! Justin looks surprised, but agrees, "Er...yes. That's me." He knows it is not NA protocol, but he is wondering what Paul is doing Saturday night. Paul looks flattered, but laughs that he is way passed his twink phase. Heh, Justin's a twink! Justin quickly explains that he has a girlfriend, but he does have a lonely uncle! Oh Justin, don't do it! Saul is nice and deserves better than a squishy-faced addict. Especially a squishy-faced addict that looks like Dave Foley.

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Brothers and Sisters




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