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Sarah, Kitty, and Paul sit around Sarah's kitchen while Kitty continues her critique of Sarah's work. Sarah is not amused by this turn of events, but it's actually kind of amusing. Kitty doesn't like the name Greenatopia and Paul, helping himself to a canapé, agrees. Nicely Tommy speaks up from restocking the fridge to defend Sarah's name choice, which is the most we hear from Tommy this entire episode. Sarah is relieved to hear the doorbell and eagerly drags Justin, Rebecca, and Scotty into the house. Nice of Justin to finally show up. Why didn't Sarah call Justin the second Paul showed up two hours early and tell him to get his skinny behind over to her house? If one of my brothers' friends showed up two hours early I would grab my brother by the ear (through the phone if necessary) and drag him to my house to entertain the freak. Sarah only tells Justin that they will have words later. Scotty meanwhile wants to know who Paul is and what is he doing at his dinner party? Justin didn't mention it on the ride over? Sarah explains and Scotty looks skeptical. When Paul introduces himself to the guest of honor he apologizes for never eating at his restaurant since it is too expensive and the food is too rich. Scotty awkwardly apologizes and shoots Sarah a "help me" look, but Sarah is too busy chugging wine to notice. God I love Walker dinner parties!

For some reason Kitty has not left the kitchen yet, despite the fact that her brother and Scotty and Rebecca have shown up. Instead she is lying in wait for Sarah to come back into the kitchen like some sort of depressed, waiting, copyediting spider. As soon as Sarah comes in to the kitchen she pounces, "Maybe the four of us should sit down when the boys get back and revamp the proposal?" Sarah looks like her head is going to explode, but she stays on the "cheer Kitty up" message and instead takes it out on the cheese platter. Kitty can't just come in there and pick at the cheese! The cheese was fine! The cheese was perfect! Leave my cheese platter in peace! Kitty glares at her. Paul walks into the kitchen and helps himself to the refrigerator much to Sarah's bemused surrendered gaze. Out of the blue he announces that his father left his mother when she was pregnant with him and distracted herself from the pain with dinner parties. Sarah smiles and nods and drinks more wine.

Sarah's kitchen door opens and Nora and Kevin walk in. As Kevin heads to the living Nora lunges for the wine. You know Walkers, if the wine isn't cutting it you could head straight for the malt liquor. It's just so much quicker. Sarah surmises that something is wrong. Nora confesses that she wants to strangle Kevin, but a last vestige of maternal instinct is preventing the retroactive abortion. He bossed her, he dominated her, and he bought a mansion! Her mansion! Sarah sort of shrugs it off and changes the subject back to her. She is at the strangle point with Kitty, too. Her proposal was perfect and Kitty picked it apart. Nora doesn't care, she just wants to know if the mission to distract Kitty worked? Sarah sighs, "Yeah." Mission accomplished! Before Nora and Sarah can ignore each other's feelings some more, Paul comes in filled to the brim with canapés. He sees Nora and rushes to introduce himself to the famous Nora Walker. He catches himself, licks the crumbs off his fingers, and shakes Nora's very reluctant hand. Nora looks stunned as the finger-licker heads for more canapés. Nora gasps, "Who the hell is that?"

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Brothers and Sisters




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