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Less Talk, More Hugs

Kevin is eagerly telling Scotty about the big surprise. Scotty guesses it is a puppy and Kevin chuckles to himself. Lucky Saul has just arrived at the party. From the moment he pops his head through the door all the Walkers eye him anxiously and look at Paul like he is a giant cup of tomato soup flying through the air towards their Uncle Saul. They are all hoping that it will somehow miraculously land without making a mess, but doubting it is possible. Justin excitedly gets up and introduces Paul to Saul. Paul quips, "This is quite the road to Damascus moment." Which is actually quite funny. Well, if you're into that sort of thing. Kevin and Scotty grimace with anxiety. Later in the evening Justin pulls Rebecca into the other room to scope out how she thinks it is going. Consensus: Not good. Paul's been talking at Saul for twenty minutes straight and that can't be good because he managed to tell Rebecca his entire medical history in under ten. Justin defends his openness, but Rebecca just rolls her eyes. Saul finally catches up with Justin and announces that they need to talk. NOW. Rebecca begs him to be kind because Justin meant well. Saul wants to know what the hell Justin was thinking. And where exactly did he meet that guy anyway? Justin confesses he met him in NA and Saul just shakes his head. Justin ends up apologizing, but their talk is interrupted by the dinner bell. Saul warns Justin that he isn't done.

At dinner Paul complains that Sarah's chairs are butt killers and Kitty agrees. Kitty is so skinny she must be used to her femurs rattling against wooden seats. Paul helpfully adds that his entire apartment is entirely overstuffed. He asks if Saul likes overstuffed too, but Saul likes cleaner lines. Guess Paul just needs a little more padding than Uncle Saul, which sounds dirty somehow. Sarah calls for a toast for Scotty. They all love him and he says that he is proud to be a member of the family. They all cheer to Scotty. Kevin decides that now is the time to spring his big surprise! He starts by talking about how much he loves Scotty and wants to provide and care for him. So he bought him a house! Scotty looks at the piece of paper Kevin gave him in silence. He doesn't say anything. Kevin looks confused and hurt and that is compounded when Scotty asks to be excused from the table. Paul opines that if he had bought a house without his boyfriend, he would have been tarred and feathered by him. Kevin thinks Scotty is simply overwhelmed. Nora doesn't buy that for a second. Instead of feeling sorry for Kevin, she decides to unleash years of pent up William Walker-incited aggravation. She yells at Kevin that Scotty doesn't feel overwhelmed, he feels bulldozed! Kevin doesn't believe that anyone can succeed without his help! Maybe they don't want to be helped! The Walker kids all hang their heads and try to imagine they are elsewhere. Kevin thinks Nora is being unfair since she was thrilled when William bought her Walker Manor. Nora stands up in fury. She pretended to like it! She pretended to be happy with what was handed her. All she wanted was an opinion of her own! She starts ranting about the men in this family and bulls in china shops and lack of communication. If he had been paying attention, he would have known that Scotty didn't want him to buy a house and Nora didn't want his help at the auction. First off Nora: YOU DID NOT BID ON THE HOUSE. Second, maybe it's time to up your Boniva dosage because you are off kilter lately. This is the second dinner party in a row that you have ruined because some bug has crawled up your bum. Maybe it's time to smoke another joint and chill out. Nora catches herself for a moment, gathers some poise, and then excuses herself from dinner. She grabs her stuff and leaves. Paul laughs, "Dinner and a show." He's annoying, but he's right.

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Brothers and Sisters




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