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Pain, Pain, Go Away

After the commercial, the soft piano ballad on the soundtrack tells us we're kicking off the slow march to denouement. Tommy answers the phone hoping it's Julia, but it's Lena, who's not only at the office at, like, midnight, but calling Tommy to check in. He thanks her for her hard work, and she notices he sounds pretty glum. She says she'll be around for another couple hours in case he wants to call and chat. Man, these two are totally going to be doing it. It's too bad -- I kind of like Lena and don't want to see her saddled with the Tommy Walker Snack Break Storyline of the week.

Nora and Kevin are in her kitchen, making ice cream sundaes and talking about Justin. She says the medication started working almost immediately; "A pain level of seven would be at a two now." She says she hates knowing these things, but Kevin says it's a good thing she does. Enter Tommy, who's super excited for sundaes. Nora asks where Julia and Lizzy are (because...Julia and Lizzy usually come over at all, much less this late at night?), and Tommy half-truths that Julia took the baby to "visit" her family, because her brother never met Lizzy. Yeah. Tommy asks how Justin is, which...

...transitions us to Rebecca's room, where she's staring at a photo of Justin on her laptop. Okay, show, you can't keep doing that now that we've all heard the rumors of Emily Vancamp and David Annable dating, okay? Rebecca asks if Justin took the pills, and Nora gratefully exhales that he did. She thanks Rebecca for her help, and Rebecca's version of "you're welcome" is to tell Nora that a lot of her friends are addicts (...I believe that) and now that Justin's gone down this road, "everything changes." She says Nora's going to have to lock things up and count his pills. "He might not be Justin for a while." Okay, that's way less comforting than ice cream. Nora just sadly says she knows.

Justin crutches his way to the kitchen with nary a wince, and he and his brothers good-naturedly bicker about which one is messing up the Tiny Tim reference to his hobbling. Kevin seems to think they all played Tiny Tim in the school Christmas play, but Tommy doesn't think he did. Nora, somberly taking in this fractured but mending family portrait, settles the argument in Kevin's favor. She offers to make Justin a sundae, and he half-slurs that that would be great. He's clearly a little out of it, and the blocking certainly emphasizes his continued separation from the rest of his family, but he's not doubled over in crippling pain, so that's progress. If he's shooting heroin into his eyeballs by the end of the season, don't email me.

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Brothers and Sisters




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