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Courtroom. Kevin is cross-examining the arresting officer, who says that he stopped Scotty because of the taillight, and because of his "breath and demeanor" determined he was drunk. Kevin asks what demeanor he's talking about. "A lot of catty backtalk," the officer says. Even Scotty has to smirk at this, because: guilty, obviously. Of course, if catty backtalk were a crime, this entire show would have to be set in a federal prison. The whimsical drum machine starts up as Kevin begins to pick apart the officer's use of a breathalyzer that hadn't been properly calibrated, and we all know it's a matter of time before Kevin's got this case kicked. Indeed, the judge sees that without a valid breathalyzer, the officer's got "bubkes," and she dismisses the case. The officer -- who's less of a malevolent homophobe as he is a bumbling homophobe -- whines that Scotty also called him "Little Miss Officer." Hee. The judge tells him to sue for defamation; case dismissed. Scotty thanks Kevin for his awesome lawyering and offers him dinner as a way of paying him back. He promises he can get them a table at some famously hard-to-get-a-table-at restaurant. Kevin's dubious that Scotty can pull those kinds of strings, but Scotty says to have faith in him.

Walker Manse. Justin's alone in his room, painfully trying to lift himself up on his tiptoes while holding onto the back of a chair. Rebecca happens by and says she's taking him out on a "field trip." Justin scoffs that Nora won't let it happen, but Rebecca says Nora's off doing errands. Now's their chance! Jailbreak at the Walker estates! Here's hoping she's taking him to score some dope.

Elsewhere, Robert show's up on Courtney's doorstep, wanting to talk. She's reluctant to talk to him, even though she's clearly relieved he's here alone, without the full campaign entourage. It's an interesting scene; it's doesn't feel like we learn a whole lot about what Courtney feels like she's gaining by going to the press with this (seemingly false) story, but we go get quite a bit of an indication as to Courtney's dissatisfaction with Rob as a husband. It's obvious when they're still at the doorway and she tells him she doesn't see the point of even talking, since he's so much better at debate than she is. This is a woman who's been continually bowled over by not being married to a man so much as to a political zeitgeist made flesh. She's a liar, but she's not unsympathetic, especially if you're not so enamored with Robert like I am not. She's clearly bitter about playing the "dutiful political wife" and then getting "dropped," and it sounds like she's not even talking about real or imagined infidelities anymore. She's just talking about being shut out of the partnership she thought they had. He guilt-trips her, saying she's "defiling" herself and asking what she's going to say to the kids when they're old enough to know she lied. She spits that they'll have "Kitty McCallister" by then. Rob doesn't think she'll be able to live with herself for doing this, but she says, "It can't be any worse than what I've lived with 'til now." She had me right up until then. She was married to a man who emotionally abandoned her, if we're to believe what she's saying; she didn't end up in a battered women's shelter. Hyperbole doesn't suit you, Mrs. Mac.

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Brothers and Sisters




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