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Pain, Pain, Go Away

Golf course. Tommy's brought Uncle Saul along on his golf outing/personal hell day with Ben. While Ben gets ready to drive, Saul bitches to Tommy about how much he hates golf, what with its "overfed, over-privileged Arnold Palmer wannabes." Eh. Doesn't everyone besides me play golf these days? I'm not sure the rich, snooty golfer stereotype holds up today. That being said, Saul calling Ben a "putz" certainly holds up, and Tommy thanks Saul for playing "buffer" between him and his assy father-in-law. Otherwise, Tommy says, he'd have "wrapped [his] nine iron around his neck." "Do it now and I'll spot you three strokes," Saul says; he ups it to four when Ben starts crowing about his awesome drive. "Buck up, son," Ben says to Tommy, "we'll find something you're good at." Tommy's finally had enough and tells Ben his "folksy shtick" is played out. Ben takes off his shades and is all, "Oh, we're being real now?" Tommy answers by taking off his shades. Sure, it may look cool, guys, but now you've got to have this argument with a glare in your face. Ben tells Tommy to wake up and see how much trouble Julia's in. Tommy says that he, having been with her every day since their kids were born, kind of gets that. And while Ben's a royal asshole, it's hard to argue when he asks Tommy why he hasn't done anything about it. Tommy doesn't have an answer for that, so he and Saul storm off. He says he wants Ben out of his house tomorrow, and Ben's more than happy to oblige. He's taking Julia and Lizzy with him when he goes, though.

Rebecca and Justin are having lunch out at some pier-side eatery. She continues to snap photos, as she's been doing all episode. He asks when she took up that hobby, and she says over the summer, "right after my sculpture phase." Heh. At least the show recognizes what a cliché the soulful-youth-with-a-camera trope is. She offers to be there for him if he ever wants to talk, but of course Justin wants to do nothing of the sort. She then tries to steer the conversation to pain management, something Justin does like to talk about, because it shows how tough and awesome he is. Rebecca makes the case for pain medication, to no avail, but when the waitress comes by with the check and drops it, Justin stubbornly tries to pick it up himself, and we hear something snap in his leg, and just like that he's writhing on the floor in terrible pain. We cut to commercial before Justin can refuse Rebecca's attempts to call a doctor, saying he needs to heal this recently-snapped ligament with the power of prayer.

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