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At the McCallister campaign stop, Travis is warming up the crowd while Robert and Kitty wait in the wings and discuss whether Kitty should pay Courtney a visit of her own. Well, the "discussion" amounts to Kitty saying "I'm going," but I'm sure Rob said something too. She does ask him point blank if the nanny story could ever "blow up in [their] faces," and Rob snaps that he told her when they first met that it wasn't true. That's...not exactly a denial there, Senator. Rob then strides out to the podium, not wearing a tie because he's just that down-to-earth!

Tommy comes storming into the nursery -- where Julia is bust staring into nothingness, like DOC! TOR! NOW! -- all "get this" about Ben's plans to take her and Lizzy back home with him. Julia stops him in his tracks by saying it's a good idea. He can't believe she's saying this, and while she initially doesn't want to tell him the reason why, she eventually cops to being angry at Tommy for the circumstances surrounding William's death. She says he "pressured" her to go to the vineyard that day, and after the babies were born, she felt like he bowled her over in making the decisions. Tommy immediately and loudly refutes the idea that those decisions weren't made by the both of them, and Julia admits that what she's feeling may not make rational sense, which is part of the reason she thinks she should take this time away. She clearly doesn't like feeling this way and thinking these things, but the truth is, she blames Tommy for William's death, and she wants to go away until she doesn't feel that way anymore. "Otherwise we're not gonna make it," she says.

Chez Priceypants. Kevin compliments Scotty on the wonderful dinner and how he's pulled his life together. "Does this mean I can't tease you anymore?" Kevin asks. Scotty's like, "Oh please don't stop teasing me." Okay, Scotty is obviously totally hot for Kevin again, because he'd otherwise be way too thin-skinned to let that condescending comment pass. "It's gonna take a lot of meals like this for you to pay your legal bills," Kevin says, standing up. Scotty says that's fine by him, and by the expression on his face, you might want to put the kids to bed right about now because Scotty's looking to christen that kitchen. He moves in to kiss Kevin, and the audience collectively stares at their shoes so they don't have to witness Kevin pulling away and Scotty looking mortified, and Kevin cringing, because this is terribly awkward. Kevin quickly explains that he's in a relationship now, which you can tell makes Scotty feel better, knowing that he didn't just get turned down on principle. He asks who Kevin's with, and Kevin kind of stammeringly says it's Kitty's fiancée's brother. Scotty never heard that Kevin and Jason were dating? I really, really don't buy that. Not after the Fake Rush Limbaugh imbroglio last week. I know Scotty's poor, so he may not own a TV, but he's not also deaf and blind. Anyway, Scotty too-conveniently asks where Jason's church is (that's seriously his first question?) so that Kevin may too-conveniently say that Jason's in Malaysia. Scotty's like, "I'm sorry, Artesia?" Hee. Kevin explains that Jason's actually in Malaysia, and he reads off a list of facts about the exact island Jason's on that he totally grabbed from Wikipedia. Scotty unconvincingly says he's happy for the both of them. Kevin says he's sorry, and Scotty says, "Me too." He tells Kevin he ought to get started working; "It's about to get busy and I need some time to poach my full head in vermouth." Kevin blames the timing and thanks Scotty again before leaving.

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Brothers and Sisters




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