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Her Best Friend's Wedding

Downstairs, Robert is led to the wedding detention camp so he can approve the release of his brothers-in-law (and Stan). Stan asks if he can get his pipe back. "Yeah," Robert scoffs, "the uniformed officers out in the hall are holding on to your pipe." Stan: "Thank you, Mr. America." Heh. Okay, we'll give him that one too. Justin and Robert decide, like the good boyfriends they are, to keep the details of this little incident from Kitty, because...her delicate constitution wouldn't be able to handle it? No idea. I think Justin and Robert just enjoy having secrets they keep from Kitty. Many, many secrets. So now all that's left is pitiful Kevin, who attempts to blow past the Senator with an icy silence. But Robert says he was surprised to hear how Kevin helped Kitty blackmail Daniel Cole on his behalf. Instead of thanking Robert for involving him in a clearly unethical situation, Kevin just says he did that for Kitty. He goes on to say, for the record: "I care a lot about Jason. And if things had worked out differently between us...actually, we still wouldn't have been able to get married in this country." Robert: "You're not ever going to stop holding that against me, are you?" What, the fact that the political party you pledge loyalty to wants to deny him civil rights? I guess he is being kind of bullheaded about it. Kevin says he won't, but he will stop making threats against his life. Robert says that sounds like progress. Yeah, there's something else in that conversation that sounds like progress too, a-hole.

Nora and Isaac are exchanging getting-to-know-you pleasantries, which at their age includes stories about their children and grandchildren. Stan comes by, all distracted about the fine he's going to have to pay. Nora asks where he's been all night, and Stan defensively says all he tried to do was smoke a bowl and it turned into "freaking Waco." Nora is shocked that Stan would be so reckless as to smoke up at the wedding, what with Robert in the public eye and the media all over the place. "What were you thinking?" she demands. Stan could deal with a whole lot less of Grandma harshing his mellow, though, and so he basically tells her it's been real. "It's just not going to work," he says. "I'm sorry." Yeah, they bailed out of that storyline awfully quickly, did they not?

Robert returns to dancing with his wife, and she has an idea: ditch this corpse of a party and get an early start on the honeymoon. Seriously, I haven't heard one Donna Summer song during this whole damn reception. I'd leave too. Robert non-seriously notes that they haven't cut the cake, thrown the bouquet, or pulled off her garter. Kitty's responses are as follows: don't care, don't care, and he can take care of that when they're alone. Kitty then skitters over to Nora, pulling her away from Isaac for a moment, and gingerly says she and Robert were thinking of cutting out early. Nora, much like last week, is way cooler about this than Kitty expects, agreeing that starting their honeymoon early sounds like a good idea. "I love you so much, Mom," Kitty says, tearfully. "I love you too," Nora returns, also tearfully. Somewhere in Buffalo, Joe R's mom watches this show, tearfully. Then tells the next person she sees that this week's Family was so good.

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