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Her Best Friend's Wedding

After the break, Kevin and Scotty are arriving at home, Kevin marveling that he's amazed he made it through the whole thing sober. Scotty reminds him that he did lose a lot of drinking time while locked in wedding prison with Stan. Kevin calls it a "new, special kind of torture." Scotty: "Kind of like being stuck talking to a bunch of relatives you don't know." Okay, Self-Pity McGee, a little of that goes a long way. You were the one who needed some time alone, remember? It's not Kevin's fault you didn't have the presence of mind to find Sarah and start making fun of people behind their backs. Kevin apologizes for being such a shitty date, and says that he didn't think Jason's family would "get to him" like they did. "Get to you?" Scotty snaps. "You were making death threats." Kevin announces that Scotty can't get mad at him for being angry at a group of virtual strangers who all see him as "The gay guy who can't commit." Uh-oh, somebody call the middle school, because we've got a projector they can use. Scotty notes that if Kevin's so ready to commit, why did he have such a hard time even referring to them as a "we"? Kevin tries to pass that off as Scotty saying he wanted to take things slow, but Scotty's arrived at what he thinks is a deeper truth: Kevin's not over Jason yet. Kevin allows that he may not be there completely (which he could be forgiven for since it was, like, yesterday), but he's getting there and he wants to be with Scotty. Scotty says he wants that too, but wanting something isn't always enough. And then he gets up and leaves. It's a realistic development for Kevin, but it also feels very much like we've done this before. Which we have. For a good chunk of last season. Forward motion, show, please.

Over at the former House of Whedon, Sarah is thanking Rebecca for helping get Paige and Cooper to bed, then invites her to sit down, warming my heart a little. It looks like Sarah wants to engage in a little post-mortem on the day's events, but Rebecca has more serious concerns. She prepares Sarah for the semi-randomness of her question, then asks what Sarah's reasons were for telling Rebecca about her parentage last year. Sarah says that what she told herself was that Rebecca had a right to know who she was, but in all honesty, she did it to spite Holly. Bang-up job hiding your true intentions there, hon. Rebecca says she figured that was the case, and confesses that she kissed Joe as a way of getting back at Sarah. Again, deep secrets revealed! Only not. "So why are we having this trip down bad memory lane?" Sarah asks. Rebecca says that she told Justin something terrible about Lena, and I have no idea why Rebecca thinks she can just leave it at that, but she tries to. Sarah is having none of it, saying she can't just tease juicy gossip like that and then not follow through. Finally, Rebecca admits, "Lena was sleeping with Tommy." I admit, I got really scared for Rebecca there, thinking that Sarah could easily fly off the handle and blame Rebecca for bringing yet another homewrecker into the Walker fold. So imagine my relief when Sarah simply gives Rebecca a look of shared concern and asks, "Our Tommy?" "Our" Tommy. That's big. Good scene.

Guess who's still around at the vineyard, drinking wine and talking racial politics? Nora Walker, come on down and accept your award for closing down a family wedding. She's with Isaac, who is busy trying to justify his existence as a black Republican. He's opting for the ludicrous "Republicans abolished slavery" argument, to which Nora dutifully mentions that there has been a little something called 150 years of history which renders that argument just the teensiest bit moot. Clearly, this is the kind of respectfully contentious relationship that Stan described Nora seeking out last week. Before the discussion can drift to Clarence Thomas and Log Cabin Republicans and other unfathomable topics, Isaac gets a phone call. He sighs heavily, then hangs up and tells Nora that Robert's campaign is about to take a serious hit. He tells her, in general terms, about the calling into question of Robert's military service and that while he thought he successfully killed the story, it turns out Drudge is running with it. He says he's going to have to tell Robert and Kitty right now, but Nora stops him, asking if he'll let them just have tonight before they get thrust into crisis mode. Kindly old Isaac, the genial kingmaker, nods in agreement.

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Brothers and Sisters




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