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Her Best Friend's Wedding

Speaking of the happily newlywed couple, Robert leads Kitty, with her eyes closed, onto his campaign jet (not a euphemism), which he's had decked out with white flowers and other such wedding décor. He figured since they only have 36 hours to honeymoon, it'd be a good idea to get started as soon as possible. He means this literally, of course, as he tells her he's instructed the crew to leave the cabin alone, and thus was the McCallister marriage consummated in the air above Santa Barbara.

Back at the vineyard, Holly is signing for a delivery of some sort and then hopefully closing up shop and getting some damn sleep. Before she gets a chance, though, a bearded Ken Olin (Mr. Patricia Wettig to you) shows up, greeting Holly familiarly and admiring her corporate digs in a way that reads, "You've come a long way from turning tricks in Reseda, kid, and I want in." I'm not saying that's the dynamic for sure, but it's the vibe I'm getting. This is a guy on the make. Holly warmly greets this "David," and he explains how he saw her name in the paper and thought "How the hell did Holly Harper end up owning a winery?" (See?) Holly's smile remains, but it's tight, and she's playing her cards carefully. She tells him that he obviously didn't come by this late after such a long time to confirm that she's gone from acting to wine-making. He spots a framed photo of Rebecca on Holly's desk and asks who it is. She calmly but swiftly takes the photo out of his hands, then more seriously asks him why he really came by. And...credits.

So...Rebecca's real daddy? Which would make Rebecca and Justin not related and free to pursue a not-biologically-incest-but-still-mighty-ooky relationship? Gross.

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