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Her Best Friend's Wedding

Rebecca ducks into Kitty's dressing room to find that she has dismissed the hairstylist and makeup artist because she's too jittery to let anyone do those things for her. The bridesmaid dresses, by the way, ended up being brown with a white trim, and while you think you wouldn't want to walk down the aisle looking like the Cleveland Browns, the dresses themselves look lovely. Rebecca asks how the vows are coming, and Kitty says she's planning on winging those, too. Before Rebecca gets a chance to ask if Kitty also plans on taking her own photographs and growing her own flowers, Isaac shows up at the door, and Kitty rushes to greet him. Rebecca excuses herself with a quick warning about time management. "How bad it is?" Kitty finally asks, and Isaac jokes that she could use a little lipstick. See, that's the difference between Isaac and Karl Rove. I bet Karl Rove would never make a funny joke about lipstick. Kitty's phone rings, and Isaac asks if she wants to answer it, and of course she doesn't, because...

...It's Nora, who leaves a voicemail message saying they simply have to talk before she walks down the aisle. Nora's with Stan, who keeps marveling at the fact that they're at "some big-shot Republican's wedding." I imagine that would be a bit jarring. I, for one, would be staking out that men's bathroom like a hawk, I tell you what. Nora stresses that there are to be no shenanigans, as this is her daughter's wedding, not another opportunity to bare one's fanny. Nora's "no politics" rule is quickly breached when Stan notes that the lavishness around them could pay to feed several starving African nations. True, Stan, but the same could be said for the money you've paid for weed throughout your lifetime, so let's not start throwing stones. Saul comes up and tells Nora that Ida's in Denver, because her plane was snowed in. Stan: "Ida? That's too bad." "No it's not," Saul cheerfully responds. Oh, speak for yourself, Uncle Uninvited To Couch Baron and Ida's Champagne Brunch. On the one hand, it's nice that in the absence of Marion Ross, the show didn't just pretend that she didn't exist (or that she was constantly just in the other room, which is a TV pet peeve of mine), but on the other hand, they really should have tried a bit harder to get Marion Ross. Saul re-introduces himself to Stan, and Nora leaves them both to catch up while she tracks Kitty down. "Stan the hippie," Saul begins, but Stand just laughs that off as a "long time ago." And...scene? That's an odd note to cut away on.

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Brothers and Sisters




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