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Her Best Friend's Wedding

Back at the reception, Garry Marshall is bitching to Saul about the fish hors d'oeuvres being undercooked. Saul, of course, explains that it's tuna tartare, because those Walkers are just hoity-toity, frou-frou, and fancy-schmancy all at once. At the guestbook, it appears that Kitty and Robert set out a Polaroid camera for guests to snap a pic of themselves to add to the book. Scotty is unsatisfied with his photo, but Kevin says you only get one shot at it. He looks kind of washed out and awkward-smiley, but he's still Luke McFarlane and thus fiiiine. Kevin bitches about how shittily the McCallisters have been treating him all day and how unfair it is. You can tell he's been doing this for a while, because Scotty is already over it. He instead points to Stan's entry in the book, which reads, "Stop the erosion of civil rights! Peace and love!" Yeah, I think I'm kind of over Stan. Not that I don't also want to stop the erosion of civil rights and all, but: there's a place and time and also you're sixty. Kevin persists in his McCalli-bitching, however, saying that he's done apologizing and why is he the bad guy here? And regardless of my hating on Robert, Kevin can't exactly expect a warm reception from his ex-boyfriend's family, particularly when he brings his brand new boyfriend along as his date. But beyond that, Scotty's just sick of the constant Jason talk and finally tells Kevin so. "I'm not here as a friend to listen to you endlessly go on about your ex-boyfriend," he says, because whatever their ill-defined relationship is, it ain't platonic anymore. He also thinks the fact that Kevin's so willing to obsess over Jason means he's still not over him. Kevin sincerely apologizes, but Scotty needs to take a walk. Well that didn't take them long to start fighting about commitment issues again.

Rebecca and Sarah are out by the bar. Sarah's the designated sloppy drunk this week -- I said in the blurb earlier in the week that nobody got drunk at the wedding, and that's not strictly true, but Sarah certainly falls well short of established standards of Walker public drunkenness (if she's not looking down at her feet and seeing table settings, she's not doing it right) -- but it looks like Rebecca is nursing her glass of champagne and staring a hole through Lena canoodling with Justin across the floor. Sarah bitches about the dearth of available men, and Rebecca points out some of the Secret Service agents. "Sure," says Sarah, "but they're so cold." Heh. Kevin approaches and completes the triangle of misery, despairing (and overreacting) about throwing another relationship away. Sarah has to run off and stop Cooper from throwing food into the pool, leaving Rebecca to ask Kevin vague questions about whether, in this family where everyone tells everyone else everyone's business, there is ever something that you should just never tell. For example! Just saying! Lucky for her and her extremely thinly-veiled hypotheticals, Kevin's as wrapped up in his own drama as ever, saying that he'd probably never tell Kitty that he'd like to murder her husband. He adds that it probably wouldn't be that hard to get his hands on a shotgun, thanks to Robert and his political cohorts. For whatever reason, this shotgun talk has helped Rebecca make up her mind, and she heads off to talk to a temporarily Lena-free Justin. As soon as she's gone, Kevin is approached by a pair of Secret Service agents who ask him to come with them. It's kind of easy to guess the punchline already, but the show makes up for it later, so I'll shut up. Meanwhile, Rebecca finds Justin and asks if they can find somewhere to have the episode's second major offscreen conversation in which characters learn about shit the rest of us have known for weeks.

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