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Previously: the Walker clan boozed the first season away; Kevin went from chip-on-his-shoulder Scotty to closety soap hunk Chad to scorching hot Rev. Jason in just eight short months; Sarah's marriage to Joe got boring, got cheaty, then got over; Kitty got it on with the Senator, got engaged to the Senator, and got to the business of trying to get the Senator elected President; Tommy and Julia had twin babies, but the boy, William, was unable to survive the premature birth; secret illegitimate daughter Rebecca moved in with Nora, to Holly's consternation; and Justin got called back to the Army and shipped off to Iraq, Nora promising him that she'd be brave in his absence.

We open with Nora recording a video email to send to Justin, and ye gods does the webcam do Sally Field absolutely no favors. The soft, forgiving light of network television works so much better. Nora hint-hints a bit at the fact that Justin hasn't written back in quite a while, but adds that he was always like that, back to his days at "Camp Lackawanna." Nora then shifts gears and updates Justin/us on what his siblings have been up to all summer. Sarah and Joe are still separated, which means Sarah gets to/has to spend more time mommying during the day. We see Sarah at the park watching Cooper with a collection of the kind of intimidating, hyper-competitive super-moms you usually find in movies about how suburbia is secretly a venal cesspool. The one impossibly skinny mom, in her little pink velour tracksuit number, wonders aloud whether she should get a "mommy job." Sarah distractedly asks if that's "like a part-time job." The other mommies make amused little smirk faces at Sarah. Cooper and another girl come running up looking for food. Sarah tells him to try again without whining, and hands the both of them juice boxes. The girl's mom, like, leaps into action and snatches the juice from her daughter, saying, "Oooh, sorry! We don't do processed foods. No offense, I know you work." And then Sarah punches her in the face. Wait, no she doesn't, but she really should have. Instead, she does the next best thing: she calls Kevin.

As NoVO tells Justin how being with Jason has cleaned up Kevin's act, we see our favorite commitment-phobe looking less than thrilled to be in church, so it's no surprise that he answers his buzzing Bluetooth, though he holds his hand to the side of his head to hide it. "If you don't talk to me, I might murder someone," Sarah begins, and Kevin whispers that it's not a good time. She explains that she's at the park with the varsity Competitive Mom team. Kevin says he's in church, actually, and "Reverend Boyfriend" is giving him the evil eye, so he has to hang up.

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Brothers and Sisters




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