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Sarah and Tommy are hashing things out, Sarah saying it'd be nice if Tommy gave a shit about her marriage problems, and Tommy figuring that's rich since his own marriage consists of Julia crying, Julia not leaving the house, and Julia not speaking to anyone but her parents. At "Julia can't stop crying," Sarah finally snaps to the fact that she's seriously depressed, and she pulls Kitty into the conversation, despite Tommy's not wanting to broadcast this information. Kitty chooses to get insulted by that, and thus the inevitable "overlapping dialogue of everyone yelling at everyone else" moment happens. This is also, inevitably, the moment that Robert shows up, and he eventually has to holler "Hey, Walkers!" to get their attention. He tells Kitty he has a present for her, but first, where's Nora?

Nora, as it happens, is ranting to the Friday Bowling table about her son fighting in "that stupid war" and that her cheating bastard of a husband died one year ago today. The hostess tries to pull her away, because she's making a scene, but Nora says that maybe if the Friday Bowlers could move their drunken asses, her family could sit, choke down some burritos, "and end this miserable day!" Robert and Kitty and the rest of the family finally get her attention with some good news: Justin's okay. Rob says he'd been on a mission for a few weeks, and now he's headed back to his base. Nora hugs Rob and thanks him, not Kitty. It probably would have been nice of Rob to let Kitty break the news, since she'd been throwing herself on the Nora grenade all summer, but alas. One of the bowling dorks asks McCallister if he's really waiting to get their table, before weirdly declaring his affinity to the Green Party. I keep feeling like Head Bowling Nerd is some inside joke I'm not getting. But that's all we'll be seeing of him, so I choose not to sweat it.

Walker Manse. Kitty's birthday party has wisely migrated back home, and Tommy answers the door to find Julia and the baby. Whether it was the good news about Justin or it was just time to take her first step outside her front door, Julia says she wanted to come. Nora spots the baby from one hundred paces and closes in like a fighter jet. She scoops up Baby Lizzy, and I suspect she won't be relinquishing her anytime soon.

Kitty finds Rebecca and decides it's time to quit being such a heinous bitch toward her. She says it's turned out to be a "great party," and Rebecca allows that beer and pizza at home would have been a better choice from the get-go. Kitty then apologizes for the extreme cold shoulder, and admits they should both be trying to build some sort of relationship. Rebecca then gives an honest apology for the thing with William's present; Kitty says she supposes she was saving it for a day "when [she] really needed him." Well, now that she mentioned it, if she ever does end up in the White House, the perspective of a philanderer/embezzler could indeed come in handy. Kitty excuses herself to go try to pry Lizzy away from Nora and, one assumes, earn herself a black eye for her trouble.

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Brothers and Sisters




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