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Sarah finds Julia and says how great it is to see her, and that she knows how hard it must've been to show up. Julia says it's better than she expected it to be. She asks Sarah how things are going with Joe, and Sarah's all, "Finally!" Commence the talk of the midday shtupping.

Oh look who else is here: Jason! And he brought wine! Man, I am never going to be able to pry Couch Baron off of him now. He asks if Kevin is still mad at him, and it looks like Kevin wants to be, but ultimately can't. Kevin attributes this to the good news re: Justin, but I'm chalking it up to the face. Or perhaps the wine.

Rebecca's in the kitchen, placing Entenmann's donuts on a platter (awesome), when Holly peeks her head in. She compliments the presentation (I admit, the composition of the chocolate frosteds and the sugar glazed is both sumptuous and whimsical) and asks if Rebecca needs any help. Rebecca clips that she's got it, but when Holly takes the hint -- yet again -- and turns to leave, Rebecca finally cuts her mother some slack and says she could help with the candles, maybe. I haven't felt this rift as deeply as maybe I was supposed to, as a viewer, but this détente is still nice to see.

Out in the gorgeous, white-lighted backyard, Kevin and Jason have their talk. Jason says that this summer has been one of the best he's had, and Kevin hilariously compares them to Danny and Sandy from Grease. Instead of calling Kevin a humungous dork, Jason instead inquires as to which one he'd be. Kevin figures that logic dictates the Malaysian-child-ministering missionary would qualify as the goody-two-shoes of the relationship. Which I guess makes Chad the Cha-Cha DiGregorio. It kind of fits. Jason says he doesn't expect Kevin to wait for him, but Kevin says that's too bad because he's going to. "What am I supposed to do?" he asks. "I love you." Jason loves him too. And then they kiss. And society further crumbles.

Rebecca emerges from the kitchen with Kitty's donut cake. And everybody is happy and sings "Happy Birthday," and the producers pay the rights for the song, and all's well that ends well, right? ...Wait, how many minutes left? But before we get to that, it's time for everyone to toast to Kitty. I'm hoping the writers got paid extra to think of this many reasons to like her. Sarah smirks that her sister is "conservative in her politics but has always been liberal with her love." Everyone involved lets loose a mighty groan, to their credit. Kevin thanks her for setting him up with his red-hot man of God. Rob toasts to the fact that she's can't be placed into a "box," because she's such a bad-ass juggler of the personal and the professional. Sarah kindly doesn't spit up her donut. Nora stands up and apologizes for being such a hag to Kitty, and then gives her her old wedding dress, and as always in this situation, I try to gauge just how happy the recipient is versus how much dread they're feeling at the thought of wearing some musty old dress on her wedding day. Kitty, for her part, seems moved.

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Brothers and Sisters




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