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Paige asks if they should toast to William, and they all gladly do. And then lightning crashes outside and the power goes out and Bloody Mary, Beetlejuice, and the Candyman all show up at the front door, because of all the things you can do to jinx yourself on this show, toasting to William Walker on Kitty's birthday is easily at the top of the list. And indeed, the glasses haven't finished clinking before Rob's phone starts to ring. While the Walkers unbelievably start to dance around the living room to some disco-funk concoction (I guess jumping into the pool would be too gauche, considering), Rob takes the call, and we can tell it's not good news. So can Kitty, who rushes over to Rob to find out what's going on. The call was from a "General Perez," who said that Justin's unit hit an IED on their way back to the base. There was sniper fire, and there were casualties, though Rob doesn't know who. Nora wanders over, takes one look at Rob's face, and knows something happened to Justin.

After the commercial, Kitty tracks down Nora, who's making Justin's bed and rapidly unspooling. Kitty says people are still making calls, but that Nora should probably lie down. Nora says she can't -- she has to keep moving, keep her hands busy, lest she completely melt down. "I promised him I'd be brave," she says, as she breaks down onto Kitty's shoulder. It's as heartbreaking as you'd expect.

The Whedons'. You cannot imagine how little I care about Joe and Sarah's marriage compared to everything else. So long story short, Sarah called Joe because she was upset abut Justin, and Joe offers to be there for her. Sarah says she wants Joe to come home, because she's totally reading things the way she wants to. Joe doesn't want to talk about it now, because dumping your wife on the day her brother may have died is a little too much, but after Sarah presses it, he's forced to admit that he's not interested in getting back together, even after their temporary regression into each other's naked places. He wants to go through with the divorce. Sarah's crushed.

And now, the bookend: Rebecca's filming her own message to Justin via the webcam. She tells him she has no idea where he is, or what's going on, but she's just going to assume he's okay and that he'll be seeing her message soon. She says she's been getting to know the family, and has finally started to understand him. This is all one big excuse for one of ABC's patented episode-ending thematic montages (this one set to some sad-girl Chantal Kreviazuk-ish version of "Who'll Stop The Rain"), and you can see the strain on it, considering Rebecca's deep understanding of her siblings is fairly dubious. But regardless: Tommy is "stoic" and a care-giver. But who is taking care of him?! Seriously, Rebecca actually says that. Clearly, she doesn't know as much about the Walkers as she thinks she does if she believes anyone wants to hear about Tommy at all. ["Or thinks someone who gets two minutes of screen time per episode is a caregiver. Let it go, writers." -- Sars] Kevin is sarcastic and super-funny, but Rebecca thinks even he knows that's "not enough" for the heavy shit that's about to rain down on him should Justin not be okay. We see Kevin, alone in his apartment, get on his knees, fold his hands, and pray. Sidebar: cannot wait until Kevin and Rebecca go all Walkers Al Fresco and start talking about everyone else.

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Brothers and Sisters




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