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Tommy, according to NoVO, has his hands full with the new baby. However, when we see him, he's handing that handful of a baby to Julia as he rushes out the door to some important meeting or another. He totally misses the giant flashing "I'm depressed and grieving, ask me how!" sign flashing on her face. NoVO, in keeping with the rest of this monologue, totally doesn't get it, telling Justin that Julia is "doing fine" and "thrilled to be nesting." Of course, Nora got that information secondhand from Tommy anyway, so he can take the blame for that.

Kitty, says Nora, has been so busy campaigning with McCallister that she's barely been home, even with her birthday coming up. Which is fine with Nora, given that she hates Kitty. Well, also because Kitty's birthday was the same day William died. But also because Nora hates Kitty. We see Kitty and Robert being interviewed by some Suzanne Somers-meets-Greta Van Susteren TV lady, who asks Rob whether having a soon-to-be brother-in-law in Iraq has any bearing on his stance toward Iraq. Rob -- whose skin tone matches the burnt-orange southwest décor in the room they're in, to a distressing degree -- essentially says that it doesn't. He comes across as very cold in this regard, and I wonder if Kitty (or anybody) is actually doing her job and prepping him for questions like these. The interviewer then turns to Kitty and asks her whether she's picked out a wedding dress. Deflated by the cream-puff question, Kitty says she hasn't had time, what with the campaign and all. Then she puts an arm on Rob's knee, as if to say, "Eh? How's that for warmth?"

Nora then says that, "oddly," the one Walker sibling she has been spending time with has been Rebecca, who is still living at the Manse and still not talking to Holly. We see Rebecca loading up a care package for Justin, as Nora tells Justin that he was right about her: she's wonderful. "I know you're terribly busy," Nora says, as bright and smiley as we've ever seen her, "but when you can, just let me know you're okay. I love you, Justin. We all do. Please be safe." Nora clicks off the camera and her face immediately falls. She exhales heavily from the strain of keeping up a brave face and stifles a sob. "Please," she repeats.

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Brothers and Sisters




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