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Kitty and Nora are wedding-dress shopping. Well, more accurately, Kitty's shopping, while Nora has her nose buried in her phone; she's texting another war mother. Meanwhile, Kitty is trying on a dress with one of those fishtail thingies and worries that she, in fact, looks like a fish. The saleslady says, "No! You look like Ariel! You know, the mermaid?" Oh, so not a fish but a half-fish, half-girl? Better! Nora still won't look up from her texting, something Rebecca taught her to do. "She's very patient," Nora says, managing to hit the perfect note of passive-aggression without once lifting her eyes. Kitty's all, "Oh, I bet she is," because it's beyond easy to make her feel jealous. She then emerges wearing a dress that is (a) ill-fitting, (b) ugly in general, and (c) exhibiting the most gaudy puffed sleeves you have ever seen. Nora takes one look at it and proclaims it "lovely." Get a clue, Kitty, your mother hates you! Take her to Dr. Phil, but don't take her shopping with you. Kitty finally asks what the deal is, and Nora tries denying she's mad before fessing up to being pissed that Kitty and Robert keep talking about Justin in public: "What are you, trying to get votes?" Kitty denies it, which is only half-true, at best. Even if they're not bringing it up, there's no denying that they're answering the Justin questions in a way that they think will best help Robert's campaign. The argument devolves into squabbling about Kitty not wanting to ask Robert to pull strings re: Justin, saying it's "unethical." To get him out of service, maybe. I don't know who'd be objecting to a status report. So you know how this goes: squabble, squabble, squabble, until the saleslady shuts them up long enough to point out the guy brazenly camera-phoning the whole spectacle. Kitty and Nora instantly clam up and slap fake smiles on their faces, as if that makes them look anything other than crazy.

Kevin's brushing his teeth while Jason showers -- the former onscreen, the latter offscreen (bastards). Jason's getting ready for church, and Kevin's saying that he never complains about having to share Jason with the Lord. Which is Kevin's way of complaining about having to share him with the Lord. Jason says he has to go in because the bishop wants to speak to him. Kevin frets that Jason could be in trouble because of their relationship, because I guess he's still PTSDing about life in the closet with Chad. Jason reminds Kevin that he's totally out and open with the bishop, so this is clearly about something else. Kevin switches gears, asking if maybe Jason's getting promoted: "Maybe vice-bishop? Or Pope?" Jason's like, "Yeah, Pope. That's gotta be it." He smiles and calls Kevin an idiot. "Yeah," says Kevin, "but I'm your idiot." Of note: Kevin spends the whole scene talking with his mouth full of toothpaste, which is gross. Also, Eric Winter is just hideously ugly. I mean, really. Now I'm off to go burn down the set of Viva Laughlin, who's with me?

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Brothers and Sisters




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