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Kevin's. Jason returns, looking glum and dressed up in his high-collared minister gear that, because it's Eric Winter and he'd look like an underwear model if he were wearing Eskimo clothes, can't help making him look like a highly inappropriate stripper. Kevin immediately jumps to the conclusion that the bishop told Jason to break up with him. Jason's like, "No, but he did tell me that new Church doctrine says that the Earth does not revolve around your face." No, he's nicer than I am. He says that the bishop instead assigned him to a mission in Malaysia. Kevin's all, "Malaysia?" "Yeah, I know it's far," Jason says in this hilariously deadpan way. Yeah, Jason, I guess Malaysia is far. Kevin looks like he's going to boot as he asks Jason whether he explained that, being in a committed relationship and all, he can't exactly go halfway around the world right now, but Jason says that's not the way it works. Now Kevin gets mad, going off on God and missionaries, and when Jason's like, "I'll be building a school," Kevin gets bitter that he can't even make a case for himself, seeing as he's pitted against needy children. He doesn't exactly cover himself in glory when his response to Jason's "Some people need help," is "Yeah, people like me." Kevin, Kevin, Kevin. (Ah, it's good to have this show back!) Jason then returns fire, saying that Kevin's the one who's always refusing to define their status as a couple: "You can't expect someone to just organize his life around you when you can't even say 'I love you.'" Kevin spits, "Well good thing I didn't, because look where I'd be." And if that doesn't sum up the twisted psyche of our Kevin, I don't know what does.

Nora arrives at the cemetery with a bouquet of flowers to lay upon the grave of her dead louse of a husband, but she sees that Holly's already there, with an even bigger bouquet and an "explosion of tropical color" sundress that I cannot stop laughing at. I'd have pegged Holly for the elaborate high-society mourning ensemble, complete with black hat and veil, but this is almost better. Nora greets her coldly, but then switches gears, saying that they shared William in life, why not now as well? They take turns enthusing about their relationships with each other's kids, Holly raving about working at the winery with Tommy, and Nora going on and on about how great it is to have Rebecca's "youthful energy" around the house. The latter is still a sore spot with Holly, and Nora awkwardly, and only half-sincerely, apologizes. Holly gingerly approaches the subject of Justin, and Nora chokes out that she hasn't heard from him in a while. Nora changes the subject, saying that Rebecca reminds her of William, the way she's "so warm and generous, but she keeps so much bottled up." "Like father, like daughter," says Holly, all faux-wise even though Nora pretty much already said that. Holly says that she still misses William, which is fucking ballsy, but that's Holly. Rather than acquainting Holly's face with her fists, Nora simply agrees, though she amends, "the bastard," which draws a laugh from Holly. Nora then gets one of her lunatic ideas and invites Holly to Kitty's birthday so that she can see Rebecca. Can't imagine how that could be awkward. Holly's like, "Unless you think I'd be imposing." Nora says that Holly cramping her style at her husband's grave is an imposition: "Sharing a taco with your daughter, I can live with." The two women then spot some leggy model-type striding across the cemetery with flowers of her own, and they both start to freak, thinking she's another secret Walker mistress. She walks right past, though, and Holly lets loose this super-cheesy "Nah!" That is straight out of a 1980s mistaken-identity comedy, I'm sorry.

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Brothers and Sisters




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