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El Pollo Fake-o. Everyone's waiting to be seated for Kitty's fancy Tex-Mex birthday dinner. Sarah bitches that she's "starving already...for alcohol!" These people's livers are made of space-age polymers, I swear. Meanwhile, Rebecca's hovering over the table that should have been reserved for them, and seeing a bunch of dorky yahoos toasting to "bowling on Fridays!" She asks the hostess if there's anything that can be done, since "Kathy promised us a table." The hostess is like, "Kathy promised a lot of things; that's why she was fired." She says that Rebecca and her party can have a drink at the bar while they wait. Rebecca's like, "Trust me, I know." The older Walker sibs are already there, Kitty cooing over baby pics on Tommy's phone while Kevin grouchily bitches about children in general and takes a shot. He drunkenly whines that his autobiography will be titled Kevin Walker: A Lifetime Of Endless Disappointments. Then he asks the bartender for some self-pity on the rocks and to make it a double. Sarah, bless her, tells him to give her a break: "They have phones in Asia." "Malaysia," Kevin snits, "and what's the point? If it weren't God, he dump me for someone else. Shiva, or...a lifeguard." Kitty says, "Or maybe someone who uses a little less product," and then rumples Kevin's hair. Okay, (a) are we done yet with "product" being the go-to gay joke? Your grandpa uses product. And (b) even if it wasn't tired, it doesn't even apply to Kevin, who doesn't have enough hair to sculpt, and less and less each day if his hairline is any indication sorry Matthew Rhys I still love you! Sarah also pokes at Kevin's hair, and he has a momentary spasm that is quite cute.

Kitty finds Rebecca and is (bitchily? You bet!) asking if there's an ETA on getting a table when she looks to the door and sees Holly show up, still decked out in her pastel explosion. Neither Kitty nor Rebecca knew she was coming, nor look all that thrilled to see her. Holly, to Nora: "You didn't tell them?" Nora: "Everyone likes surprises on a birthday?" Like a margarita dumped on your head, Nora? That would be a surprise. Saul (giddily) and Kitty (disgustedly) sneak away for drinks, and after Holly tries and fails to make nice with her, Rebecca does too.

Back with the sibs, Kitty bitches about Nora inviting Holly. "Are we over hating Holly yet?" Tommy asks, and: seriously. Saul says they don't hate Holly, it's just awkward. Oh, you mean how one moment you were making out with her in her garden and the next you're revealed to have established long-term lodging in the closet? Like that? Anyway, Kevin pipes up that he hates Holly, but Sarah says he hates everyone. "Oh I'm sorry," Kevin slurs. "I didn't get a quickie on the spin cycle to put me in a good mood." Sarah rounds on Tommy and can't believe he told anyone. Really, Sarah? Speaking of "aren't we over it yet," aren't we over being shocked at the "telephone, telegraph, tell-a-Walker" nature of this family? Tommy essentially says just that, but Sarah storms off anyway, Kitty following after.

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Brothers and Sisters




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