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xt day Justin and his paramedic partner are putting in some long hours... at Walker Manor. They are feeding and walking Lily, Brody's dog, who Nora has rudely left by herself while she spreads conspiracy theories in D.C. Didn't Brody say Lily had never slept by herself before? Why is Nora leaving her alone in a strange house while she recuperates? Will someone call PETA please? Justin is off his game and frantically meandering around the kitchen he grew up in looking for spoons. His partner asks if the homeless dude is still sleeping at his house. Justin glares at him for being discriminatory towards homeless people or vets or for using the word "dude." His partner says that his girlfriend's building is looking for a building manager and the dude can have that job if Justin wants to offload. Justin's not sure that getting his own apartment that he pays for with his own two hands and hard work would be good for the guy. As opposed to living for free off of a stranger.

Kevin went back-to-school shopping for Olivia and for some reason only Luc is available to gawk at his purchases. You know, Luc is just far too attractive to be staring at three-ring binders and compasses. It just doesn't make any sense. He should be dancing, or sitting around looking attractive. NOTHING ELSE. Kevin offers Luc some unicorn stickers for Paige, but Luc doesn't think they will help. He wants to call Sarah and ask for advice, but Kevin thinks that would be emasculating or something. He thinks Luc needs to figure out this parenting thing for himself. Then Sarah texts and tells him to give Paige the money and she'll explain later. Luc stands on Kevin's office chair, whips out a French flag and starts singing some song from Les Miserables about freedom from persecution. What? All French people do that ALL the time. It's a law or something.

Sarah and Nora are milling about a grocery store where Nora is flailing her arms and gesticulating wildly about how her life is terrible and her Democratic Party Card is going to be revoked because her daughter has been co-opted by the CIA and she has seen an episode or two of Burn Notice, so she knows what's up and gun-toting terrorists and neo-con conspirators are going to show up at Walker Manor and break her windows if not her kneecaps. She has no interest in reprising her Sharon Gless role, although maybe the Emmys would notice her again. *Sob.* Sarah notes that there are probably other CIA operatives with overly clingy and dependent families so maybe Nora can find a support group? Nora, I don't think Sharon Gless would be in a support group, just saying.

Speaking of support, Luc calls to complain to Sarah that when she doesn't support him with Paige she undermines his authority. Kevin is in the background feeding him lines because as a proud Frenchman Luc does not speak pop psychology or Dr. Phil. Give him a few years. Sarah apologizes, but speaking of support (again! I know!) the money is for a bra and Paige was just too embarrassed to ask her hot French stepfather. Kevin and Luc both look ashamed of themselves for not thinking of that. Luc hangs up and Kevin laughs that they were just making mountains out of molehills, which he quickly realizes is a very poor choice of words when talking about tween underwire needs. Luc looks sad, like his tween step-daughter should know that she can talk to him about underwear. He's French, it's practically a national past time.

Back in D.C. Sarah bemoans the fact that Paige is buying her first strapless bra without her. Is that a thing? Baby's first strapless bra? Are you supposed to buy cake? Or just a card. Is there a ceremony like at a briss? Does cash exchange hands? Anyway, Sarah has the sads, but Nora one ups by saying missing a bra fitting is nothing compared to knowing that your little girl is going off to assassinate Castro at any moment. She's a little teary-eyed when Kitty finds them. I guess she was off shopping in a different part of the store although none of them have anything in their baskets except Nora has some celery. Looks like it's going to be an awesome birthday party for Evan. Maybe it's a Wonder Pets theme? Ha ha toddler humor.

Kitty gives Sarah and Nora a funny look, which they deserve, and then realizes that she forgot to get cupcakes to go with the celery. When she leaves, the wacky hijinx music starts up and Nora and Sarah watch as Kitty passes a strange interlude over avocados with a man in a black trenchcoat. The two exchange hand signals, make awkward small talk, and then swap baskets. This is enough proof for Nora that her concerns are well-founded: Kitty is totally in the CIA. She tells Sarah that the Agency tried to conscript The Senator (may he rest in peace, or at least continue his run in Parks and Recreation forever and ever amen) so it makes sense that they would come after Kitty. Sarah is almost buying it.

Kitty surprises them again. Her stealthy moves must be the result of CIA training. Sarah and Nora look extremely guilty, so Kitty decides to go get a cup of tea in the café inside the grocery store and see if she can will her family to head 3000 miles away. She doesn't invite them or ask if they want anything either. Rude! Sarah decides to confront Kitty about her behavior (in the Walker world moving across country is "behavior" worth giving the hoary eye, too). She marches into the café and tells Kitty to start talking, because whatever it is that is causing her to leave her family and move to the land of khaki pants and Congressional badges has to be discussed. Nora tells Kitty that she already knows anyway, so she may as well just tell them herself. Kitty looks shocked that her mother knows, but she should have guessed Nora would figure it out. I am simply shocked that the writers are serving up YET ANOTHER Walker family miscommunication/misunderstanding. I mean clearly that's what this is, right? Nora begs Kitty to tell her the truth because her life could be in danger. Kitty pooh poohs that notion, but Sarah points out that life in the CIA is dangerous! She saw Burn Notice, she knows things. Kitty stops, confused, because she's not in the CIA at all! It's another wacky Walker family misunderstanding! Hahahahaha. *Face Meet Palm*

Sarah and Nora explain that they saw the bag swap and the hand signals, so she can tell them the truth. Kitty is perplexed. Then the man in the black trenchcoat finds her and apologizes for picking up the wrong basket. Kitty introduces him to her Nora and Sarah and explains that they are taking a sign language class with their kids. Get it? Get it? There was no bag swap, no hand signals. Well, there were, but they were innocent and not a slippery slope to Kitty turning into Piper Perabo. Although Kitty probably wouldn't mind turning into Jennifer Garner or even 99 from Get Smart if she had to choose girl spies in a F/M/K capacity.

Kitty starts laughing and Sarah pointedly asks whether his wife is good at sign language too, clearly hinting that Kitty is hooking up with an unattractive married man in front of the guy, which is BEYOND rude to everybody involved. The guy breezily answers that his wife is great at it and can't wait to meet everyone at the birthday party. He leaves and Sarah and Nora start talking over each other trying to explain the logic behind their stupid conclusion. They blather for a minute and then Kitty calmly and resignedly tells them that it is her bone marrow. That shuts 'em up. She had a complication from the transplant and she is seeing a specialist named Dr. Langley who is forcing her to eat kale and stop drinking coffee. Not CIA Langley, but a doctor named Langley. Nora and Sarah are much abashed. Nora asks Kitty what's next and Kitty says, "Cupcakes." She's not ready to talk about this with them. If she was ready, she would have called. Sarah and Nora nod mutely and head off to buy cupcakes.

Kevin comes home to find that Gecko Town has grown and Scotty has no ability to set boundaries. Scotty crows and beams

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Brothers and Sisters




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