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and proud Papas all over the place that maybe Olivia will be a contractor when she grows up. Kevin thinks that she is building a new home inside her other new home and this is some sort of metaphor or analogy or something that English majors know about. She is going through a lot of upheaval in her life right now what with the adoption, the looming Walker hoard waiting like The Borg to absorb her into their ranks, also a new school. Sometimes a fort is not just a fort. He read that somewhere. Kevin knows that there is something going on and they need to talk to her about it. Scotty sighs, but he agrees. Scotty is totally the Greg Evigan to Kevin's Paul Reiser.

I guess the lack of sleep has made Justin a very grumpy bunny. He barks at everyone when he and his partner are late to a medical emergency (they were probably walking the dog) and some cop tells him they are too late and the guy's dead. Justin growls at him and his partner tells him to chillax because he's making everyone anxious. Oh sure, blame the grouchy paramedic, and not the DEAD GUY who, you know, DIED in front of all these people because that certainly doesn't ever make people anxious. But seriously Justin? One nightmare makes you this cranky? It's not like you got Inception-ed or anything.

Paige comes down the stairs and Luc is impressed with how beautiful she looks in her strapless bra and gown. Don't be creepy. But CRISIS: Paige got disinvited to the dance! She explains that the kid a.k.a. The Dick invited someone else first and then the girl finally said yes. Paige starts crying and runs back to her room. Uh oh, parenting crisis. Can Luc rise to the occasion without calling Sarah? Who cares! Seriously, this is like the world's most boring video game.

Kitty, Sarah, Nora and Invisible Evan are at some play space and Kitty is FREAKING OUT. Seems it never occurred to her that she might need to reserve a space for Evan's birthday party. Now the venue is fully booked and she's standing there with two dozen cupcakes, guests arriving, and no plan. Um, Kitty? DUH. Seriously? You didn't reserve a spot for your kid's birthday party? He's turning four, you're not an amateur anymore. Kitty has a full-fledged panic attack, shrieks at Nora and her many suitable alternate plans, and grabs Evan and runs. I guess that's supposed to be Kitty freaking out because she is eating a lot of kale and being treated for a bone marrow complication.

Meanwhile Sarah's phone rang and if you were wondering if Luc could make it without calling Sarah, he can't. He fills her in on the tween drama. When Sarah reports this latest tidbit, Nora correctly decides that this is all her fault. She never should have dragged Sarah to D.C. to stalk Kitty. Sarah points out that for once Nora was actually right. She suspected Kitty was floundering and in trouble and she was right. Nora smiles at her and they try to devise a plan to save Evan's birthday party. Or at least how to break it to the guests that there is no party.

Justin and his Big Bad Mood come home to Zack. Zack is watching the game (what kind of game? Who cares?). Despite the fact that his roommate is otherwise occupied, Justin finds he is ready to talk about his feelings. Your roommate is watching a game, he doesn't want to talk feelings! Bro Code, bro! Gah, this is what happens when you spend too much time around Rebecca. Justin explains that the nightmare he had wasn't a symptom of PTSD but a reoccurring nightmare about trying to save his family in the midst of a natural disaster. He hadn't had the dream in years, but Zack has somehow triggered it. So Justin wants Zack to move out because he had a scary dream. I would be pissed if I were Zack. Or at least really, really incredulous. Like, one bad night's sleep and Justin wants him out the same week that he asked him to move in? Mood stabilizers, look into them. Zack however is much more understanding. Besides, Dan, who I guess is Justin's ambulance driver, told him about the building manager position. He is going to talk to the building owner tomorrow and move in there. Justin doesn't need to fret about him anymore. So I guess that's the end of that storyline. Are we sure Zack isn't another illegitimate half sibling?

Luc is making omelettes for dinner when Paige finally resurfaces. Luc asks if she wants to call her dad and talk to him. Paige isn't interested, she doesn't want to hear how it's all going to be okay. Luc agrees. Joe gives crap advice. Besides being heartbroken sucks and then you get over it. Luc tells Paige that he thinks she has more heart than anyone else and she'll survive. Paige smiles, all better! She chucks the boutonniere she bought in the trash and gets plates for dinner. Luc has some activities planned for the evening. He has 14 eggs leftover from the omelettes and if she knows Cody's address they can go engage in a time-honored tradition of dropping omelettes off at his house? I refuse to believe that Luc knows what egging is. I am pretty sure the French are above such things. When I was an exchange student there I never egged anything. Paige smiles in excitement. Cody will totally invite her to the next dance once he tastes her step-father's cuisine!

Scotty and Kevin pay a visit to Gecko Town and Olivia is not exactly thrilled to see them. Kevin and Scotty are moving in with her whether she likes it or not. The whole point of them adopting her was so they could all live together as a family and if Olivia wants to live in Gecko Town, well, they will live there too. Olivia looks at them like they're crazy and then tentatively asks if she would still have to go to school. They nod, but assure that they will be there when she gets back. Then she admits that she is nervous about school and Kevin tells her that he hated it. She also admits that she is nervous about meeting all the Walkers and Scotty tells her that he hated all of them for years and secretly still does, but just limits his exposure to them as much as possible. Olivia smiles, happy to have found a family that understands her. Then she reads her two dads a story because Reading is Fundamental works.

In Kitty's positively enormous house in D.C. with a fire roaring in the gigantic fireplace, Invisible Evan is back in bed and Kitty settles on the couch across from Nora who is warming her buns. Nora obviously missed that article in the NYT about how fireplaces are just shy of aerosol hairspray and plastic grocery bags when it comes to negative environmental impact. What would the community think, Nora? Kitty explains that after ditching her mother and sister at the not birthday party, she took Evan to a movie and a restaurant and for laser tag to celebrate his birthday alone. For some reason Nora and Sarah don't think this was weird at all. Then Kitty realizes she is sitting on a large bottle of cologne. You would think someone without any body fat would have noticed that sooner. She asks why the bottle is downstairs and Sarah looks sheepish. Kitty explains that it is The Senator's and she likes to sniff it and cry and look at pictures of food. Sarah looks very embarrassed for her and ashamed of herself for being related to her. Nora pretends it is all completely normal. Kitty sniffs the bottle a little and cries a loan tear. Then Nora tells Kitty that she needs to stop hiding out and come home. If something really bad does happen to her, Evan will need his family. Kitty doesn't want to have the conversation about her dying. She just wants to sit and sniff her dead husband's Drakkar Noir and dream of better times and maybe that chocolate river that runs through the Land of Dairy Queen. Sarah is unimpressed with this logic. Kitty needs to know that if anything bad happens to her, Evan will be loved and will have a home. It is so sweet that the Walkers won't just toss him out on the street like a little moppet to sell matchsticks and die. I know that was supposed to be a hard conversation and all, but it really sounds like Kitty is supposed to be touched that her family will care for her son. I mean, DUH. Kitty, however, looks vaguely comforted by this t

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